19-month-old girl's condition is stable and continuously improving. Image Credit: Tawam hospital

Al Ain: The 19-month-old Egyptian girl, who fell from a 10th floor apartment in Ras Al Khaimah on February, 17, has woken up from coma and her condition is improving at Tawam hospital, doctors said on Thursday.

On February 20, the girl was airlifted to Tawam Hospital in Al Ain on Wednesday where a team of specialists assessed that her brain was “unharmed”.

In a statement to Gulf News, Dr. Nidal Al Hashayka, Pediatric specialist who supervised the girl’s treatment, said: “Lein Mahmoud was brought to Pediatric Care Department at Tawam Hospital on February 20 at 10:10 am. She was transferred from Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah after falling from the window of her house on the 10th floor.

The medics found that she suffers from multiple injuries and fractures in different parts of her body but now her condition is stable and continuously improving.

Lein received the necessary medical attention in the pediatric intensive care unit at Tawam Hospital where an integrated medical team has been formed to supervise her health. The team includes the pediatric intensive care team, the neurosurgery team, the pediatric surgery team, the pediatric infectious diseases team, the pediatric cardiology team, Clinical pharmacology team, anesthesia team, radiographic diagnostic team and physiotherapy and rehabilitation team, the statement added.

A 19-month-old girl has miraculously survived a fall from the 10th floor of a building in Ras Al Khaimah. She is fighting for her life at the ICU of Saqr hospital. L.M., an Egyptian girl, fell from the window of her 10th floor apartment in Ras Al Khaimah on Sunday night.

Dr. Al Hashayka said the girl “Lein” showed a clear improvement and a good response to the treatment, where she recovered and woke up from her coma, and was separated from the artificial respirator. She still needs more time to complete treatment and rehabilitation.

He added: “I take this opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude to the UAE Government for its absolute concern for the health of citizens and expatriates alike and to the management of Tawam Hospital in both its administrative and medical aspects to facilitate the transfer and reception of this girl and to provide humanitarian and social support to the patient’s family.Also thanks Saqr hospital in Ras Al Khaimah to provide the necessary first aid and medical ambulance service of the Abu Dhabi Police for the rapid response and transfer of the girl.

The girl had suffered several fractures in the fall, which was cushioned by her landing on the rear windscreen of a car parked below the building. The incident happened after her father went to the supermarket, while her mother was packing the schoolbag of their six-year-old son at around 11pm. The girl accessed the open window after climbing a sofa placed beside it.