Malaffi now connects nearly 100 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare facilities. Picture used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform Malaffi now boasts 1 billion unique clinical records from 7 million unique patient records in the emirate.

A key strategic initiative of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, Malaffi is operated in collaboration with tech firm Injazat through the Abu Dhabi Health Data Services (ADHDS). It was launched three and a half years ago, and securely connects public and private healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi emirate, enabling the real-time exchange of patient health information.

According to the ADHDS, Malaffi now connects nearly 100 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare facilities. It boasts 47,000 authorised users, including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals from 2,347 healthcare facilities.

Central database

By providing a centralised repository of clinical data and providing advanced patient and population-level health insights, Malaffi plays a critical role in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi. Its rollout is considered to be one of the fastest HIE rollouts in the world.

Robert Denson, acting chief executive officer of Malaffi, said: “The Abu Dhabi government set ambitious plans to position itself at the forefront of digital transformation and quickly recognised the importance of connecting healthcare and the early integration of disruptive technologies such as AI [Artificial Intelligence] and IoT [Internet of Things]. In just three and a half years, Malaffi has established itself as a central component of the digital transformation of the healthcare system in the emirate.”

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Risk profiles

Earlier this month, the platform launched its Patient Risk Profile functionality, which is available to the physicians authorised to use Malaffi. This uses AI to predict patients’ future risk of developing certain chronic diseases, or suffering an acute event, thus supporting the provision of preventive care. Further milestones are anticipated over the coming months as Malaffi works on expanding its products and functionalities.

The name Malaffi is derived from the Arabic term for ‘my file’, and symbolises the patient ‘files’ stored on the centralised HIE database.