Gulf News Cricket League, an indoor cricket tournament, will be held on November 12 and 13, from 4pm-9pm on both days, at United Pro Sports in Al Quoz, Dubai. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Gulf News is organising the Gulf News Cricket League, which will coincide with the high-octane T20 World Cup cricket tournament, which is currently being held in the UAE.

Gulf News Cricket League, an indoor cricket tournament, will be held on November 12 and 13, from 4pm-9pm on both days, at United Pro Sports in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Each team has been assigned to a corporate sponsor. On the sidelines of the eight-over-a-side tournament, both participants and spectators can expect an array of entertainment options to explore. The highlights include a dedicated kids’ play area, food trucks and promotion of products by exhibitors. Radio Mirchi and Zee Connect are the official radio and television partners, respectively, of the Gulf News Cricket League.

Here’s what the excited corporate team sponsors have to say ahead of the event:

Aqua de fonte (Team India)

Yogesh Valaulikar, Managing Director:

Yogesh Valaulikar

“Gulf News and Aqua de fonte have always collaborated on innovative campaigns and I congratulate them for this flagship event. We have a strong indoor cricket team participating in the tournament and other teams should watch out for the fireworks."

"Aqua de fonte will launch a series of offers during the World Cup campaign to make this engaging for your subscribers.”

800 CARGURU (Team Pakistan)

Syed Ovais Ahmed, CEO and Founder:

Syed Ovais Ahmed

“800CarGuru, UAE’s largest car repair service provider, joins the leading English newspaper in this World Cup campaign. We take pride in supporting our national team and will make sure our boys keep the spirits high during the indoor cricket tournament as well.

"UAE has been the second home for Pakistan cricket and we are hoping this season will bring joy and entertainment to the UAE fraternity, which is long overdue.”


Salim Kalsekar, Managing Director:

Salim Kalsekar

“Rasasi Perfumes believes in creating special moments and enthralling fragrant journeys for its patrons; adding to their joy and celebrating their essence. Our support to the England team and action during the indoor cricket tournament at United Pro Sports is geared towards celebrating the spirit of players and this wonderful game. Gulf News always surprises us with their innovative marketing campaigns and this again is a unique concept to create great engagement during the World Cup.”

KALANDOOR Group (Team South Africa)

Kalandoor, Founder and Chairman


“We operate with a basic principle: Treat every project like it is your first and most important project, which has made Kalandoor Group the leading fit-out company in the region. Yet again, this is our first attempt at indoor cricket and we want to use this opportunity to engage with clients and subscribers.

"Thank you Gulf News for using sport as a medium to connect brands with their audience. Let the best team win”


Jos Paul Chondakaran, Senior Operations Manager and SBU Head:

Jos Paul Chondakaran

“Khind Industries is committed to quality, hence our association with a newspaper [Gulf News] that believes in providing quality and verified news to the region. We join Gulf News in this campaign and support the Australia team in the indoor Gulf News Cricket League. Our team is well-equipped to face competition and we are here to give the other teams a run for their money.”

THAMBILI (Team Sri Lanka)

Inshaf Thahir, Founder/Managing Director:

Inshaf Thahir

“Thambili is a proud product of Sri Lanka and what better brand to support the Sri Lanka team and participate in the flagship indoor cricket team of Gulf News than this. We have a good mix of seasoned indoor cricketers and Thambili is all set to make an impact on the league.

"All the best to all other teams who are here to face a fierce battle with our players.”

1024 Mirchi (Team UAE)

Brij Bhalla, CEO Dolphin Recording Studio LLC:

Brij Bhalla

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. With an impeccable thirst to stay different, Mirchi 1024 FM continues to entertain its listeners in the UAE, making us the ultimate Bollywood station for your daily dose of quirky madness.

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"We’ve learned that something constructive comes from every association with Gulf News and we are excited to be part of this fun initiative and look forward to a series of entertaining cricket matches.”