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COVID-19 vaccine: A global pass

On the last day of 2020, I took my first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at the Nadd Al Hammar Clinic in Dubai (“Everyone must take the Covid vaccine”, Gulf News, December 31). I thank the Dubai Health Authority, and I am grateful to be a part of this vaccination campaign. Since this pandemic began, I couldn’t travel anywhere and was confined here only. It’s been a year since I met my mother. Now, I am confident that we can overcome this pandemic with the help of science and modern medicine. Let all of us get vaccinated and hopefully, we will overcome this pandemic. Let COVID-19 vaccine serve as a boarding pass for global travel.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Reflections of 2020!

This past year with all its trials has been a memorable year for my family and me. We cherished the time we spent, discovered new loves and most of all, appreciation and the uniquely human ability to adapt. Time stood still, and we all took stock of our lives, relationships that matter and those that are lost. I learned to cherish my loved ones, family and friends, their ability to love, longing to connect, and finding creative ways to mingle. We all adapted to this new norm with grace and humility. We adorned the mask and found new ways of connecting, from elbow touches to zoom links. We became more current with our internet and computing skills, and I discovered the vast online shopping culture; which I think I will keep. I understand now that the world is indeed a village, as I have learned and felt empathy for communities and people worldwide that lost their loved ones or were distant from them. The dreaded words ‘quarantine’ and ‘isolation’ I could skip in this new year, and with great hope and belief we enter this new year not with resolutions but resolve.

From Ms Lubiana S


Best wishes for 2021

2020 was the year of learning. It was the year to appreciate everything we have. In one of the darkest years of our shared existence, we have shown our brightest, togetherness. Feeding, caring, connecting, protecting, and doing our best to make things better. Not just for our families and neighbours, but hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Just look at the incredible work we did together, in these twelve amazing months. We realize the value of togetherness with families and others. Most of us will be only too happy to see the back of 2020. But, with all the excitement of the last few weeks surrounding the roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine, 2021 looks as if it might just be looking brighter. It will be a year to implement all the lessons we learned from 2020. Let us join our hands to make the best out of 2021. I wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year with peace, prosperity and perfect harmony.

From Mr Vijendra Narkar

Dubai, UAE

Wishes for Saurav Ganguly's speedy recovery

We hope it is just a minor heart scare and ‘Dada’ as we affectionately call him, the dynamic Saurav Ganguly, the BCCI President, will be upon his feet with the same enthusiasm (“Sourav Ganguly tests negative for COVID-19, resting well”, Gulf News, January 03). We will soon get good news from Woodlands, Kolkata about his quick discharge and hope nothing will deter Dada coming back with his self-styled aggressiveness and the love in his heart to serve cricket, not only for India but globally. He is such an icon that he will not sit back and relax due to this minor hiccup, and like always he will lead from the front as there is lots to be done under his belt. Wish you a fast recovery, dear Saurav.

From Mr Wazi Naseem


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