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Social media detox

For the past year, we've all been waking up and scrolling through social media with fear and apprehension. Everywhere it's all about cases related to COVID-19, and it is heartbreaking to see the suffering in the world. Unfortunately or fortunately, it has become the need of the hour to read up on the latest updates, and the best precautions to follow to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Apart from that, we have all been subject to working remotely, attending schools and colleges online, leaving us for a lot of time with our devices and away from actual human interaction. With the devices hands-on for so many hours in the day, people have gotten used to reading news constantly from notifications, watching documentaries online, and talking about various issues surrounding the globe. While it is true that being aware is the first step in solving the problems that exist today, it is also true that constant exposure to news and documentaries can deteriorate mental health. The issues our world is facing are immense - be it from being amid a pandemic, trying to tackle global warming, poverty, financial crisis to other health concerns. It is human to feel overwhelmed in such situations and end up in a spiral of emotions and thoughts. We all can adopt a few lifestyle modifications as a part of our approach to reduce personal stress and ensure our mental health is optimum. Make sure you monitor your online consumption of social media. It is important to have conversations of relevance to the world today within family and friend groups. But, it is also imperative for you to remember that your mental state is a priority. If you find yourself feeling low, tired, and overwhelmed with such conversations, you have to communicate this to your group and step away for a while - and it's okay for you to take a break for as long as it takes you to feel better. Engage in activities that make you happy and reserve a specific time in the day to practice your hobbies - whether it's reading, writing, or singing. There will always be stressful situations for you to deal with in life. What is essential for you to remember is that you have the power to tackle the stress, and it's best to reach out to people when you're dealing with such situations. Always remember - no matter what, you got this!

From Ms Faatimah Maryam Muzammil


Women's Cricket

Indian Women's Cricket One Day International (ODI) captain Mithali Raj has taken the right decision to call it quits after the 50 over World Cup in 2022. There is absolutely no doubt that after Shantha Rangaswamy's retirement, Mithali Raj has been the torchbearer of Women's Cricket in India for more than two decades. She has some enviable records during this period, and it would be nice if she is allowed to play the World Cup next year and retire honourably. So is the case with pace bowler Jhulan Goswami, who is also hitting the business end of her career. Both of them would be an asset to our team during the ODI World Cup Tournament in 2022. I wish them success in the coming months and hope they play in the World Cup to enable our team to lift the elusive International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup trophy.

From Mr Kavitha Srikanth

Tamil Nadu, India

Hardik Pandya's niggle

This letter refers to your report that Mumbai Indian player Hardik Pandya has a bit of shoulder niggle, which did not permit him to bowl or field as usual ("IPL 2021: Hardik Pandya had shoulder concern but will bowl soon: Zaheer Khan", Gulf News, April12). If he has shoulder niggle, which is quite evident from his under-arm throw, it would be wise enough to rest him during this Indian Premier League (IPL) season. I hope the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Mumbai Indians franchise should think about his efficiency as an all-rounder and act wisely and prepare him for the upcoming international matches.

From Mr NV Krishnan

Chennai, India

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