COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine Image Credit: AP

COVID-19 cases surge in India

This letter is in reference to a research report by the State Bank of India about the second wave of COVID-19 cases in India, and the total cases in our country is expected to cross 2.5 million. The violation of COVID-19 norms by public and political leaders during their election meetings are also alarming. In such a case, the figure may even cross 5 million soon. Anyway, it is good that the Tamil Nadu Government has taken prompt steps to close all educational institutions. We sincerely hope that all political leaders would be more concerned about public safety during their campaign meetings. Prevention is better than cure!

From Mr N Mahadevan

Tamilnadu, India

COVID-19: Vaccine passports?

Since the spread of COVID-19, the world has waited for a vaccine that would help our lives return to some level of normalcy. Now that vaccine distribution has begun, what will this “new normal” look like? Even if people get vaccinated, there’s an issue of whether or not it’s safe to go back to work. Are the others people you’re dealing with at work vaccinated? Do they feel comfortable to interact with you now that you’re vaccinated? Vaccine passports can eliminate the sense of uncertainty and give people the confidence to engage in activity as they get vaccinated. I think immunity passports may play a more important role in encouraging people as the vaccination campaign continues.

From Mr Shekhar


Clash of generations

Till recently, elders were respected and their comment tolerated though not entirely, with civility. It is perhaps due to behavioural changes that the threshold for tolerance has been lowered. The younger generation attributes these changes to changing times and environment, economic status and education influenced by different cultures that have invaded our society. In day-to-day interactions, they reject the opinion of elders point blank and, quite often, rudely. The pet remark of juniors in the family is " times have changed", and the elders are rendered speechless. Our old values need to be revived for a healthy, happy and respectable life. The young generations must remember they could have the same plight when they reach old age.

From Mr Aftab Ahmed


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