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Gulf News – The constant bearer of news

The only connection with the outside world nowadays is the Gulf News paper that arrives faithfully every morning – sealed and safe (“COVID-19: Will newspapers survive the coronavirus crisis?”, Gulf News, April 18). The paper is full of current news, which keeps us updated and informed. Globally, newspapers are suffering, because advertising revenues are low or are completely missing altogether. Newspapers are an essential part of our day, especially, the print version, which gives us a tactile connection with the world around us.

From Mr Tom Roy Choudhury

A risk to everyone

The protests in the US demanding that the Donald Trump administration lift the stay home orders, is incomprehensible (“COVID-19 effect: US to halt immigration over virus fears”, Gulf News, April 21). The people protesting believe that this order is against their rights. The US has the most number of deaths due to coronavirus and yet people are demanding to be allowed to leave their homes. It is a sad state of affairs. Healthcare workers had to counter protests by standing in the middle of roads to stop people from driving. It shows how much those protesting do not understand the risk they are in.

From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

200414 baby face shields
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An alternative precaution

I live in Dubai, and I have downloaded the Gulf News application on my mobile phone and regularly go through posts (“Tiny face shields given to newborn babies in Thailand to fend off COVID-19”,, April 14). As the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, I have an idea to share ….

We all know that coronavirus spreads from droplet infection, from the nose and mouth. Often when someone is coughing, sneezing or speaking, the virus can easily land on the surface and get picked up. The virus can even stay on a person’s hands and surfaces for a period of time. If we touch our nose, eyes or mouth with dirty hands, we are more likely to catch the virus. We can also catch the virus while touching other people’s hands if they do not keep themselves clean. Hence we are told to keep washing our hands.

Apart from washing hands, we must stop touching our face. This is where we must use face shields. In Thailand, hospitals are using this for newborn babies. This will deter us putting our hands on our face frequently, and can block the entry of the virus. We must wear a shield for the face when we are out of our homes. This will discourage us from putting our hand on our face. Before having a meal and before sleeping, we must wash our hands thoroughly so as to ensure that germs are killed. I think this is a workable solution since the masks are available online.

From Mr Sushil Gidwani

Setting an example

The deadly virus has come to rule the roost and we have realised that the human race is interdependent on each other (“COVID-19: Kerala likely to relax lockdown in several districts”, Gulf News, April 18). The virus, which has spread all around the world, has equalised human beings, and we have finally realised that we need each other to live. This is no time to stand and stare. The Indian state of Kerala has set the model for curtailing the virus. The small little state in the southern tip of India has set a model for everyone else. We in Kerala feel legitimately proud of our government, which has done its best to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel
Kerala, India

Animals on street
Animals on street Image Credit: Twitter

Are we the real problem?

All the news articles showing animals wandering about in otherwise populated parts of the world, has been a pleasure to read (“COVID-19 effect: Humans stay indoors, animals venture out”,, April 19). Even though people are focused on the virus and are treating it as an enemy, I think human beings are the ones to blame. For years we have disrespected the planet, tampered with Nature and abused the available resources. Nature needs a break from us. Even when all this is over, we need to find measures wherein we fix our ways and respect what we have been given.

From Ms Alia M

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