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Realignment surgery rids Dubai expatriate of squint eyes

Patient who had ‘tired’ eyes can see with clarity now

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Dr Mohammad Irfan Khan
Gulf News

Dubai: Being cross eyed or squinted can be made light of by friends, however, realignment surgery can completely rectify the problem even in adult patients. The Moorfields Eye Hospital, at the Dubai Health Care City, recently treated an adult patient for ‘squint’ eyes.

Dr Mohammad Irfan Khan, Consultant Opthalmologist and Sepcialist in Paediatrics, Strabismus and Cataract at the hospital, explained: “A squint (also known as ‘strabismus’) is a misalignment or crossing of the eyes. When it occurs in adults (known as ‘adult strabismus’), it may be a residual problem from childhood, which had never been diagnosed, or could occur as a result of eye disease, stroke or even eye tumours. Squint is common among children and generally picked up in childhood when it is relatively easy to diagnose and correct. It can cause a debilitating double vision and affect the quality of life. However, there is no age limit to correcting the problem.”

The patient, Emma Quintin, a Dubai resident and UK national, with a family history of eye problems said she always had ‘tired eyes’ but no discomfort or impairment and no diagnosis of squint. This all changed after a road accident at the start of 2017. She consulted the ophthalmologist for an assessment to undergo a Lasik procedure but ended up being diagnosed with a squint, of which she was unaware. She successfully underwent an eye realignment surgical procedure.

Speaking about her squint Quintin said: “I never really noticed the squint and so was surprised by the diagnosis, although my brother and grandmother had vision problems and I felt that my eyes were always tired, Now, I can see properly and it is an incredible feeling; I work in the visual arts, theatre and TV, making good vision essential for my work. The eye realignment surgery was quick and straightforward. I was in and out of the hospital within the afternoon. Whilst there is always some risk involved, this was explained to me in depth before my operation and I went ahead full of confidence. In fact, I was so pleased with the results and with the care I received.”

Dr Khan added: “We are very pleased with Emma’s results, recovery and progress.”