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Follow the journey of five residents to wellness

Gulf News follows two couples and an Emirati as they go through the 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge

  • Anish Panicker and Anshu AnishImage Credit: Janice Ponce de Leon/Gulf News
  • Hiba BawazirImage Credit: Supplied
  • Joseph Wanyaga and Margaret MandaineImage Credit: Supplied
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As the Dubai Fitness Challenge begins, Gulf News will follow five residents, two couples and a young Emirati, on their journey to wellness over the next 30 days. We will see how they will manage to set aside 30 minutes of each day for themselves, if they’re able to stick to it over the next 30 days, and eventually make it part of their lives. Join us as we explore the challenges along the way and the victories of each week as they strive to become better versions of themselves after one month.

Anish Panicker and Anshu Anish, Indian

  1. Weight: Anish — 76kg; Anshu — 60kg
  2. Height: Anish — 5’4; Anshu — 5’2
  3. Goal: To be fit and lose 7kg and 5kg respectively
  4. Plan of action: Gym, yoga, walking
  5. Fitness level: Health seeker

“We wanted to take part in the fitness challenge because we want to feel good about ourselves. If we are healthy, we will have lots of energy all the time, this is what we want. We have no health issues and we don’t have to wait for one for us to start. So we are dedicating 30 minutes each day, and possibly more, to keep ourselves fit by exercising. We’ve already enrolled ourselves in a gym a few days back. We also hope to do yoga, walking, or any exercise. We hope to see a difference after 30 days,” says Anish.

Hiba Bawazir, Emirati

  1. Weight: 50kg
  2. Weight: 5’1
  3. Goal: To build stamina and have more core strength
  4. Plan of action: Jogging in the park, cycling, join group activities
  5. Fitness level: Health seeker

“I want a healthy lifestyle. Why wouldn’t I want to be fit? Five years from now, we will say to ourselves, ‘Why did I eat junk and not exercised? I recently started going to the gym and walking, cycling. I realised when I exercise, I feel different. Even people around me notice that I am happier, more active and not as sluggish as before. I used to get easily tired when I go up two or three floors. But I can do more than that now. After 30 days, I want the new Hiba to be more fit, happier and to not make it only last for 30 days but to make it a lifestyle.”

Joseph Wanyaga and Margaret Mandaine, Kenyan

  1. Weight: Joseph — 80kg; Margaret — 72kg
  2. Height: Joseph — 5’5; Margaret — 5’2
  3. Goal: To lose weight overall
  4. Plan of action: Take classes, cycling, running
  5. Fitness level: Health seeker

“We want to be fit and stay fit. My Body Mass Index is off so I need to lose weight, maybe I’ll get it started with this 30-day challenge. We always work out together. As a family, we need to support each other. So our message to couples out there is to keep on encouraging each other,” says Mandaine.

“We’re going to take pictures every day to see our progress from the first day then after 30 days, then after 60 days, then after 90 days. We will do it in intervals and we are hoping to see some huge change,” says Wanyaga.


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