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Dubai Municipality re-evaluates 4,700 local food labels

Move to ensure compliance of food labels with approved specifications

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Dubai: Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department has re-evaluated the food labels of 4,700 local food products to ensure compliance with the approved food specifications, the civic body said on Wednesday.

A team from the Food Registration and Evaluation Unit of the Food Studies and Systems Section in the department conducted special visits to local food factories, it said. The team also visited commercial complexes and supermarkets in the emirate to study the compliance of the food labels with the approved food specifications. The team visited 73 out of 277 food factories registered in the inspection system of Dubai Municipality. During these visits, labels of 4,700 local food products from the visited factories were re-evaluated in order to verify the extent to which locally processed food products meet the food label requirements and conditions.

The team also reviewed production plans and manufacturing methods followed by the food establishments, in addition to ensuring that there was no overlap in production lines for allergens and also verified these substances were clearly mentioned on the food labels.

The factories were also instructed on the need to submit requests to evaluate food labels of any new food product to make sure it met the food label requirements as per the approved food standards.

The Food Safety Department is providing registration and evaluation service for all food products that are traded in the markets, whether local or imported, in order to ensure compliance with the food label requirements and conditions according to the approved food specifications.