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Girl, 14, has passport that shows she's 24 — and forced into prostitution

Police officers who raided a brothel were shocked to discover a young girl with a forged passport that added 10 years to her real age

Dubai: Police officers raided a suspected brothel in Dubai and were shocked to discover a young girl who was forced into prostitution.

The victim told police that her uncle brought her to the country to work at the brothel after forging her passport and adding ten years to her real age, officials said on Tuesday.

Dubai Police revealed details of the human trafficking case saying they rescued the 14-year-old Asian girl after two months of misery when she was raped and forced to work as a prostitute.

Lt Col Abdul Rahman Al Shaer, director of Human Trafficking Monitoring Department in Dubai Police, said an Asian man and woman who were running the brothel were arrested along with other women.

“Her uncle in her home country obtained a passport for her after changing her birth certificate and making her a 24-year-old, while she is only 14," the officer said.

"The uncle convinced her father to send her to the Gulf to work in a salon. Two men smuggled her to Dubai and locked her at a massage centre and raped her,” Lt Col Al Shaer said.

"When she refused to work in prostitution, she was beaten and forced to work as a prostitute.

“The girl said that she didn’t get any money for her work and she doesn’t know if the suspects sent the money to her parents. She was forced to have sex with strangers several times every day despite her pleading for mercy from the suspects,” Lt Col Al Shaer added.

The girl has been handed over to Dubai Foundation for Woman and Children for rehabilitation.

The two suspects have been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to complete the investigation after being charged with human trafficking and running the brothel.

Police are co-ordinating with the authorities in the Asian country to prosecute the uncle.

“We've had only three human trafficking cases this year but this one is the most cruel case because the victim is a minor.”

The police recorded three human trafficking cases this year compared to seven cases last year in a significant drop due to intensive efforts and raising awareness among public.