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Man cross-dresses to spend night at girlfriend’s dormitory

Suspect was wearing a skirt under abaya when he was stopped at college’s dormitory

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Dubai: A manager dressed like a woman, applied some make-up and walked into a college’s females dormitory with his girlfriend to spend the night with her before he got arrested.

The 20-year-old Chinese manager was said to have worn a pink skirt under a black abaya and applied make-up to look like a woman when he accompanied his Chinese girlfriend to her dormitory on a Friday night in June.

Once they reached the dormitory’s entrance, the security guards stopped the couple and asked them for identification, according to records, before the manager tried to run away once he was discovered to be cross-dressed.

The guard caught hold of the man and prevented him from leaving the dormitory at the Dubai Academic City before informing his supervisor and the police about the incident.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of cross-dressing and posing as a woman to be able to be allowed entry to a woman-only place.

The suspect pleaded guilty and asked for mercy when he appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.

During questioning, the suspect told interrogators that his girlfriend asked him to accompany her to the dormitory.

He admitted that he wore a pink skirt under a black abaya and applied some make-up to look like a woman.

“When we reached the entrance of the dormitory, the guard asked me for some identification ... when I realised that the guard had realised that I am a man, I tried to run away. The guard stopped me and called the police. When police came and saw me cross-dressed they took me to a police station where I was questioned and detained,” the suspect said.

The trial continues.