Sharjah paid parking Buhaira Corniche
Paid parking zone in Sharjah's Buhaira Corniche area Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Ever parked your car, walked away and then wondered: “Is parking free today?”

After the weekend in the UAE switched from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday this year, some roads and transport authorities in the UAE have also adjusted the free parking day accordingly. However, when you get to park for free depends on which Emirate you are in, and – at times – where you have parked.

So, here is a breakdown of parking times and free parking days in different Emirates.

Abu Dhabi – free parking on Sundays from July 15

Abu Dhabi parking
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The emirate of Abu Dhabi has two different types of parking: premium parking (indicated by a blue and white curb) and standard parking (indicated by a blue and black curb). While earlier parking was free on Fridays, from July 15 the free parking day has been moved to Sundays. You also need to be aware of the residential parking areas, which cannot be used by non-residents during certain parts of the day. Here are the details of parking timings in Abu Dhabi:

Standard parking is paid from 8am to 12am from Saturday to Thursday. This also includes residential areas, where certain parking spaces can be used only by those with the resident parking permits during the night – from 9pm to 8am every day. However, for the rest of the day, non-permit holders can use these parking spaces upon paying the parking fees.

On Sunday, standard parking is free but non-permit holders are not allowed to park in residents parking spaces after 9pm.

Premium parking is paid from 8am to 12am, Saturday to Thursday. On Sunday, premium parking is free.

Dubai – free parking on Sundays

Dubai parking
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Parking is paid from Monday to Saturday 8am to 10 pm. Parking is free on Sundays.

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Sharjah – free parking on Fridays

Sharjah parking
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Parking is paid from Saturday to Thursday 8am to 10pm. Parking is free on Fridays.

However, there are certain places that have a 7-day paid parking system. Such places will be indicated by a yellow board with a blue information sign.

Ajman – Free parking on Friday

Parking is paid from Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 1pm and then 5pm to 10pm. On Fridays, parking is free.

- The writer is an intern with Gulf News