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The police have also warned motorists to not tint any part of the car's windshield, as it obstructs the driver's view. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: If your car’s windows are too dark, not only do you face a fine as per the UAE’s Federal Traffic Law, but you may also have your car impounded in certain cases.

Umm Al Quwain Police recently reminded drivers that the fine for having your car’s windows tinted beyond the permitted limit is Dh1,500, as per the Federal Traffic Law. But what is the maximum allowed limit for tinting car windows? Here is all you need to know.

Dh 1500

Fine for exceeding the permitted percentage of vehicle’s tinting or tinting unpermitted vehicles as per the Federal Traffic Law.

Maximum amount of tinting on car windows – 50 per cent

As per the UAE Traffic Law, the maximum level of tinting on car windows can be 50 per cent. In the past, Abu Dhabi Police also specified which window panels in a car can be tinted up to 50 per cent – the side and rear windows are the only ones that can have a tint of up to 50 per cent.

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Don’t cover the windshield

In its advisory on September 5, UAQ Police also warned motorists that it is prohibited to tint any part of the vehicle’s windshield, or place a heat insulator or anything else that would impede the driver’s vision while driving on the road.

Car will be impounded in Dubai, Dh10,000 fine for release

Dubai also recently amended its traffic law, introducing stricter penalties related to traffic violations and the impoundment of vehicles. The new traffic rules, as laid out in Decree No. 30 of 2023, state that a car will be impounded if it is found to have excessive tinting on its glasses, or has its windshield tinted without a permit.

The amount to be paid for release of vehicle is Dh10,000.