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The discount is valid until December 3, 2023, as per the Sharjah Municipality's official account on X. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Dubai: If you have received a fine in Sharjah for a parking violation, did you know that you may be eligible to get a 50 per cent discount?

On Tuesday, September 5, the Sharjah Executive Council (SEC) issued a decision to grant a 50 per cent discount on fines for all municipal violations in the emirate of Sharjah.

What does the announcement say?

As per the announcement, the discount will be offered on all municipal violations, where the fines were issued before September 5, 2023. The discount is valid for 90 days. Parking fines come under Municipal Fines in Sharjah.

How can I check my municipal (traffic) fines?

- Visit the ‘pay vehicle fines’ service on the Sharjah Municipality website -
- Click on ‘Enter the service’.
- Search for vehicle fines by plate number.
- Enter your plate details, like the emirate it is registered in and the plate number.
- Click on ‘Search’.

The website will then show you the fines that are registered. You may be able to see the discounted price, instead of the cost of the original fine, if you are eligible for the discount.

11 types of parking violations

The Sharjah Municipality website lists over 25 violations under the parking category. These are some of the violations that have been listed, as well as the fines they incur:

1. Failure to purchase and display valid ticket - Dh150
2. Exceeding time limit / or overstaying time on ticket - Dh100
3. Obstructing parking vehicular movement and exposing other properties or motorists to danger - Dh200
4. Misuse of ticketing machine, instructions panel, or any parking facility - Dh5005. Par
king in the handicapped parking spots - Dh1,000
6. Reservation of a parking space without a licence - Dh1000
7. Washing cars in public parking area without a licence - Dh500
8. Parking in a reserved parking space - Dh1,000
9. Covering of boards or devices without a licence - Dh500
10. Failure to show the reservation permit of a parking space - Dh300
11. Using the space outside the shop without licence - Dh1,000