Dubai Mall
The new Salik paid parking system at Dubai Mall applies to these areas - the 'Grand Parking', Cinema Parking, and Fashion Parking. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: From July 1, Dubai Mall has implemented a paid parking system in collaboration with Salik, Dubai’s road toll system operator.

Some parking areas in the mall will not require payment for parking, and for those that do, the parking fee will be deducted automatically from the motorist's Salik account.

To understand how the new parking system, the Salik website – and the Dubai Mall website -, have answered some frequently answered questions (FAQs). Here are the details.

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Dubai Mall parking fees from July 1


  • Up to 4 hours - Free
  • 4 to 5 hours - Dh20
  • 5 to 6 hours - Dh60
  • 6 to 7 hours - Dh80
  • 7 to 8 hours - Dh100
  • Over 8 hours - Dh200
  • Over 12 hours - Dh500
  • Over 24 hours - Dh1,000


  • Up to 4 hours - Free
  • 4 to 5 hours - Free
  • 5 to 6 hours - Free
  • 6 to 7 hours - Dh80
  • 7 to 8 hours - Dh100
  • Over 8 hours - Dh200
  • Over 12 hours - Dh500
  • Over 24 hours - Dh1,000

How will the Dubai Mall parking system work?

According to, this is the process that will be followed to charge parking fees at Dubai Mall:
• When a vehicle enters the paid parking zone, a camera captures the plate number.
• The Salik system processes the image, recognises the plate number and the related Salik account, and records the entry time.
• Upon exit, the system again scans the plate number, records the elapsed time in the parking lot calculates the parking fees and deducts it from the identified Salik account.

1. Are all Dubai Mall parking zones subject to fees?

Zabeel and Fountain View parking are not subject to fees and remain free for now.

2. Will Dubai Mall parking be free during holidays?

According to the 'Visitor Parking Fees' signboard,  standard parking rules will apply all year round

3. Can I get free parking if I bring a purchase receipt?

No, the first four hours are free on weekdays and six hours on weekends, according to the Dubai Mall website. 

4. Are People of Determination exempted from parking fees?

Yes, People of Determination are exempted from Dubai Mall parking fees, but before that, they need to apply for the exemption through Salik channels. You can visit the Salik website – and apply for the exemption.

5. Are senior citizens and residents exempted from parking fees?

Currently, senior citizens and residents are not eligible for exemption from parking fees.

6. Are there Salik tag sales or support outlets in Dubai Mall?

You can purchase the Salik tag online from, through Careem Quick, or at any of the petrol stations across the UAE.

7. Can I pay for parking in other malls using a Salik balance?

Currently, you can only pay for Dubai Mall parking fees using Salik, no further information is available for other locations.

8. Driving someone else’s car – can my account be charged, instead of the vehicle owner's account, or can I pay separately?

The Dubai Mall parking fees will be deducted from the Salik account in which the vehicle is registered.

9. Do I get an SMS notification when you start charging me or before the free hours finish?

This is not an available service, to use Dubai Mall parking, you must have an active Salik tag and online Salik account, it is recommended to regularly monitor your Salik account balance using the Salik website and online channels, and keep it recharged to avoid falling below a certain threshold.


10. Do I need a Salik tag to use the parking facilities?

To use Dubai Mall parking facilities, you must have an activated Salik tag and a Salik account.

11. Do the Dubai Mall parking fees apply to vehicles with international plates or owned by tourists?

Yes, to use Dubai Mall parking facilities, you need to have an activated Salik tag and a Salik account. Click here to find out how tourists can apply for a Salik tag.

12. How are the parking fees calculated and deducted, is it upon entry or exit?

Parking fees are based on the number of hours consumed in the parking as per the business rules after the end of the free hours (four hours during weekdays and six hours during weekends from Friday to Sunday). The amount will be deducted from your Salik account when you exit the parking facility.

13. How can I dispute the parking fees?

If you disagree with the parking fees, email Salik at or contact the official toll-free number – 800 Salik, to raise a dispute or visit one of Salik's customer happiness centres. The customer service team will address your concerns and initiate the dispute process on your behalf.

14. How can I know how much I must pay per stay in the car park?

Visit the Salik website -, and log into your Salik online account to learn more about the due parking fees. You can also learn more about the Dubai Mall Parking Tariffs by visiting Dubai Mall's social media channels.

15. How long do I have until I pay the parking fees in case I park with no balance in my Salik account?

To use Dubai Mall parking facilities, you need to have an activated Salik tag and Salik account and enough balance in your account. If you don’t have enough balance, once the Salik account is recharged, the pending parking fees will be deducted from it.

16. If I have pending toll and parking transactions and I recharge my account with an insufficient amount, which will be deducted?

You must ensure that your Salik account balance is always recharged to cover all your transactions from toll and Dubai Mall parking.

17. If I use Dubai Mall parking without an active Salik tag, how long is the grace period?

When using the Dubai Mall Parking, you can enjoy four hours of free parking during weekdays, and six hours of free parking during weekends from Friday to Sunday, after which you will be charged as per the approved parking tariffs.

18. Is there a maximum limit on parking fees?

Yes, the parking fees in Dubai Mall gradually increase until they reach a maximum limit of Dh1,000 per 24 hours, after which Dubai Mall reserves the right to report the vehicle for violation to the relevant authorities (Dubai Police, etc).

19. What happens if I am not registered with Salik and use Dubai Mall parking?

To use Dubai Mall parking facilities, you need to have an activated Salik tag and a Salik account. Once the vehicle is registered with Salik, the pending parking charges will be deducted from your Salik account balance.

20. What happens if I don’t have enough balance when I park my vehicle at Dubai Mall?

Your Salik account will reflect a pending parking transaction, which will be deducted from your balance as soon as you recharge your Salik account.

21. Where can I pay parking fines?

Any pending parking transactions will automatically be deducted once your Salik account is recharged.

If you leave your vehicle in the Dubai Mall parking for more than 24 hours, there will be violations by the authorities involved (Dubai Police) and you can pay the fines through their official channels.

22. Will the amount be deducted directly from the Salik balance, or is there any subscription or activation required?

To use Dubai Mall parking facilities, you must have an activated Salik tag and a Salik account. The parking fee amount will be deducted from your Salik account.

23. Will the parking transaction statements be separate from the toll statements?

A consolidated report is provided, showing both toll and parking transactions but segregated in different sections in the same report.


24. Will vehicles exempted from Salik fees also be exempted from Dubai Mall parking fees?

People of Determination along with police cars, ambulances and civil defence trucks are also exempt from parking fees at Dubai Mall.