Unregistered vehicles have a 10-day grace period to purchase a Salik tag. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: All vehicles driving in Dubai are required to obtain a Salik tag to pass through the toll gates and avoid fines, this also includes non-UAE vehicles, as well as vehicles that are registered in other emirates in the UAE.

According to Salik, the official road toll system of Dubai, if a motorist is visiting from another country with their vehicle, then they must purchase a Salik tag.

If you have a vehicle that is unregistered, you can still pass through a Salik gate, however you will have 10 days from the date of the first trip to register for a Salik tag. If you do not purchase a Salik tag within that grace period, you will start incurring fines.

Where do I purchase a Salik tag?

Individuals who own vehicles registered outside the UAE must purchase a Salik tag from any petrol station in Dubai. This includes Emarat, EPPCO, ENOC, and ADNOC.

Only vehicles registered in the UAE can purchase the tag from the Salik website –, according to the website.

Required documents

• Mobile number (to be used for all Salik-related communication)
• Vehicle registration card details (not required when you are buying from petrol stations).



Dh50 for the Salik tag.
Dh50 for the prepaid toll balance added to your Salik account upon tag activation.
Total: Dh100

Activating the Salik tag

After you have paid for the Salik tag at the gas station, you can activate the tag by calling 800 SALIK (800 72545), entering the Salik tag number and setting a PIN.

Where do I find my Salik tag number and key?
Salik Tag number and key – this is printed on the back of your Salik tag. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: 'Dubai Drive' mobile application from RTA

How does Salik deduct money from your account?

Once you have purchased the tag, stick the Salik sticker tag to the windshield of your car. The sticker is linked to your prepaid Salik account, which you need to ensure has enough money to cover your Salik charges.

According to the Salik website – salik. ae, each time you pass a Salik toll gate, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology detects your vehicle and scans your Salik sticker tag. The toll of Dh4 is automatically deducted from your prepaid toll account.

All the Salik toll gates in Dubai

There are eight toll gates:

1. Al Safa (Sheikh Zayed Road)
2. Al Barsha (Sheikh Zayed Road)
3. Al Garhoud Bridge (Sheikh Rashid Road)
4. Al Maktoum Bridge (Umm Hurair Road)
5. Al Mamzar North (Al Ittihad Road)
6. Al Mamzar South (Al Ittihad Road)
7. Airport Tunnel (Beirut Street)
8. Jebel Ali (Sheikh Zayed Road)

Fines for not having a Salik tag

If you fail to register for a Salik tag within the 10-day grace period, you will face the following fines:

Dh100 the first time you use the toll gate after the 10 days have passed.
Dh200 on the second trip.
Dh400 each subsequent time you pass a toll gate.