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Dubai: If you are applying for a job or an official procedure and need to get your documents attested, what are the steps to follow? Attestation of a document, whether a birth, marriage or educational certificate, is necessary when you move to a new country, to prove your credentials. In the UAE, you may need to get your education degree attested for your company to apply for your work permit, or your marriage certificate attested to apply for an immigration procedure to move to a new country.

Whatever your requirement may be, here is all you need to know to get your documents attested.

What are the attestations required?

If you wish to attest a document, it needs to be done in two steps.

1. Get the document attested by the UAE Embassy, Consulate, or Foreign Office in the country where the document is issued.

2. You would then need to get the document attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) in the UAE.

Both of these steps can be completed through MOFAIC or an attestation service provider.

Where can I go to get the attestation service?

The easiest way to get the attestation service is to apply for it directly through MOFAIC or through an agency which offers attestation services. These are all the options available to get your documents attested:

1. MOFAIC website –

2. MOFAIC smart phone application ‘UAE MOFAIC’, which is available for Apple and Android devices.

3. Attestation service agencies – various agencies and typing centres in the UAE also offer attestation services, and may be a convenient option if you do not wish to do the application process yourself. However, you would need to pay additional service charges, which may vary from one agency to the other.

Which documents can I get attested?

You can apply with MOFAIC to attest any of the following documents:

• Select document type

• Birth certificate

• Court issued certificates

• Death certificate – for UAE nationals

• Death certificate – for non-UAE nationals

• Document of fingerprint

• Educational certificates

• Employment contract

• General power of attorney (non-commercial enterprise)

• Good conduct certificate

• Judicial rulings

• Lost foreign passport

• Marriage contract

• Medical reports

• Other certificates

• Police report

• Single purpose power of attorney (for example, for selling a car)

• To whom it may concern certificates

• Work experience certificate

How you can apply directly through the MOFAIC website

To attest any of these documents through the Ministry’s website, follow these steps:

1. Register using the UAE Pass

You will initially be asked to register with the website using your UAE Pass. If you have not registered for the UAE Pass yet, the procedure is very simple and is linked to your Emirates ID. Read our detailed guide here.

2. Select ‘Individual services’

Under the services section, you will see the option for Individual services, within which there will be the option to select the service to attest official documents and certificates.

3. Click on ‘Start Service’

You will be asked to authenticate your identity. This will be done through the UAEPass app on your phone, which is synced with the Ministry’s website. Once you have authenticated your identity on the app, using your secret pin, or facial recognition (whichever option you may have selected while setting up the UAE Pass account), you will be allowed to continue registering for the attestation service on the MOFAIC website.

4. Enter the details of the attestation request

You would need to then provide details of the document which needs to be attested, and whether the attestation needs to happen at the UAE foreign office in the country where it was issued, or with MOFAIC in the UAE.

5. Make the payment

You would then be required to make the necessary payment. Attestation services for all the documents listed above are charged at Dh150 by MOFAIC, with an additional Dh6.06 E-dirham fees.

You will then receive a text message and email with a reference number confirming successful application.

The document will then be picked up from you through a courier service and once the attestation has been done, it will be delivered to you on your selected address.