TAMM Gitex 2023
The launch of the updated 'TAMM' app at Gitex 2023. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: With one app, you can now access more than 750 services from over 30 Abu Dhabi government entities and numerous private sector providers in the emirate. This is possible through the ‘TAMM’ app, which is a unified platform for government services in Abu Dhabi.

Recently the Department of Government Enablement - Abu Dhabi (DGE), showcased the ‘TAMM’ app’s expansion and updated features at Gitex 2023, a technology fair being held at Dubai World Trade Centre from Monday, October 16 to Friday, October 20.

“This is the Abu Dhabi government’s answer to a ‘one-stop shop’ for government services. We want to make sure the customers get access to anything they need in the fastest and most seamless way possible,” Dr Mohamed Al Askar, representative of ‘TAMM’ at DGE, told Gulf News.

“We have spent a lot of time listening to our customers' suggestions and feedback and made changes to the app and have also incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI), data and using the latest cybersecurity system,” he added.

“This is the Abu Dhabi government’s answer to a ‘one-stop shop’ for government services. We want to make sure the customers get access to anything they need in the fastest and most seamless way possible."

- Dr Mohamed Al Askar, representative of ‘TAMM’ at the Department of Government Enablement - Abu Dhabi (DGE)
How do I access ‘TAMM?
• The TAMM app is available for Apple and Android devices
• TAMM website - www.tamm.abudhabi
• TAMM service centres - you can find all the locations of the centres in Abu Dhabi through this link: https://www.tamm.abudhabi/en/serviceCenterDetails


What’s new in the ‘TAMM’ app?

1. Find personalised services

When you sign into the app with your UAE Pass account, you will find all the services catered to you specifically on the app’s homepage and you can access them directly. You can also adjust your dashboard to customise it to your needs.

“We have given the user the ability to personalise the app’s homepage by adding and removing widgets. For example - one of the widgets includes viewing all your outstanding fines and bills, if you don’t want to see that, you can tap on the edit button and remove it from the homepage,” he said.

2. Emirates ID, driving licence - all in one place

“One of the new features we added is managing all your relevant documents, which you can find under ‘My Documents’ on the app’s homepage. The moment you go there, you will find your passport, Emirates ID, family book, driving licence and other relevant government documents in a few clicks without having to enter any information. You can also download the document on your phone and share it,” Al Askar said.

You can access digital versions of official documents like your Emirates ID or driving licence once you sign into the app, as signing in requires you to use the UAE Pass, which is linked to your Emirates ID. These are all the documents which you can store digitally on the app:

1. Emirates ID
2. Driving licence
3. Vehicle registration
4. Passport (for citizens only)
5. Family book (for citizens only)

3. Pay all your bills and fines in Abu Dhabi

Al Askar also highlighted that Abu Dhabi citizens and residents can pay all their bills on the app, including the following:

• Telecom bills - Etisalat by e& and Du
• Utility bills
• Darb recharge and fines
• Salik recharge and fines
• Traffic fines

4. Pay for parking in Abu Dhabi

“You can pay for Mawaqif (the public parking system in Abu Dhabi) on the app, and clear any [parking] fines and you will also be notified about the duration of your parking ticket through the app,” he said.

5. Manage your vehicle

“Through the app, you will be able to access any service related to your vehicle. This includes transferring vehicle ownership, renewing vehicle registration, viewing black points and traffic fines and accident history.

“You will also be notified when your licence and registration are about to expire,” he explained.

Under the ‘Manage Your Vehicle’ section on the app, you will also be able to see the vehicles registered under your name.

“All of this data will be immediately fetched by your UAE Pass account,” Al Askar added.

6. Get 24/7 government support

“Another feature we have revamped is the support centre on the app. You can either talk with a chatbot or a live chat with a TAMM customer service agent.

“The agent can also transfer the chat to a video call and even offer you the option to access your device remotely and apply for a service on your behalf,” Al Askar said.