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Dubai: If you wish to hire a domestic worker in the UAE, it is important to remember that all domestic workers need to be hired through registered agencies. Even if you wish to hire a domestic worker directly, you still need to apply for their work permit through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

This ensures that an employer’s rights are guaranteed in case a domestic worker fails to complete his or her job, or leaves the job without notice. MOHRE took to its social media channels on July 1 to educate employers on the steps they can take in case their domestic worker has absconded.

In the post, MOHRE informed employers that they can file a complaint within five days of the domestic worker’s absence via the following channels:

• MOHRE’s smart app ‘MOHRE UAE’.
• Recruitment offices.
Tawseel vehicles.
• Ministry's website

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How to file an absconding worker complaint

You can file an absconding complaint through the following steps:

1. Select a service ‘Register a labor complaint (domestic workers)’
2. Provide your details as a sponsor as well as the work permit number of the worker.
3. Enter the complaint details.
4. Add attachments (optional).

According to MOHRE, the complaints are processed within 14 working days.

Your duties towards domestic workers

In its social media post, MOHRE also raised awareness on some of the responsibilities that employers should keep in mind when hiring domestic workers:

• Provide the basic needs, accommodation, meals and other needs.
• Pay their wages.
• Provide medical insurance.

Federal Law No. 10 of 2017 on Domestic Workers provides a detailed list of an employer’s responsibilities. Article 15 of the law states that the employer should:

1. Provide the requirements for the performance of work agreed upon.
2. Prepare a decent accommodation for the worker.
3. Provide the worker’s needs of meals and clothing suitable for the performance of work as long as he/she works full-time and not on the basis of the temporary employment system, unless otherwise agreed.
4. Bear the cost of the worker’s medical treatment in accordance with the health regulation in force in the state.
5. Treat the worker in a good manner that preserves his/her dignity and the safety of hi/hers body.
6. Not permit the worker to engage in any work with a third party, except in accordance with the conditions and rules stipulated in the implementing regulations of this Law, and not employ any of his/her workers unless the latter is authorised to work in accordance with the provisions of this Law and its Implementing Regulations.
7. Pay the necessary compensation resulting from occupational injuries and occupational diseases in accordance with the tables of compensation attached to the law in force regulating the employment relationships, unless the insurance company pays this compensation.
8. Not employ a worker in a profession that is different from the nature of his/her work unless with his/her consent and provided that it is one of the professions covered by this Law.
9. Guarantee the right of the worker to retain his/her evidentiary documents.
10. Grant the heirs of the worker who dies during service the comprehensive wage for the month in which he/she died, and any other entitlements thereto.
11. Not receive, in person or through his/her intermediaries, any sums or any remuneration, unless provided for in this Law, the Implementing Regulations or the contract model approved by the Ministry.
12. Notify the Ministry of any violation by the Worker of the regulations in force. The Employer must comply with the Ministry's requests in these cases.

How to contact MOHRE

In order to know more about your rights and responsibilities as an employer, you can call MOHRE’s call centre on 600 590000.