We’re under no impression that autumn or winter has properly arrived in the UAE, but in the beauty world it’s time for a change whether we like it or not. Here are four autumn-winter trends that we can’t stop thinking about.


1. Berrylicious eyes: What does one do for make-up when October still feels like summer, but your heart is already in winter mode? Leave the pink shades behind and switch to berry. This juicy tone is the best way to incorporate a splash of colour that is appropriate for both sunny afternoons and cooler, cosier evenings.

Urban Decay’s latest Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette hasn’t released in the UAE just yet, but it is tailor-made for this season with 12 shades that cover all the warm tones such as coppers, mauves,burgundy and cranberry. If a whole palette is too much to deal with, a great single shadow such as the Kiko Milano High Pigment Eyeshadow in the shade 53 Metallic Grape Juice will do the trick. The texture of this product is buttery and soft, with a slight satiny sheen. A simple wash of this colour with a black liner smudged into the lash line is all you need.


2. Grungy pumpkin: A more daring eyeshadow colour than berry, but one that is perfectly suited for Halloween season, is a deep, mustard-y yellow or orange that is haphazardly buffed all around the eye for a halo of colour. Pair it with a strong winged eyeliner or a brown liner for a grungy, but still pretty eye look. A good starting point is Paper Tiger by Colourpop.

It’s not the best quality shadow and a lot of layering is required for good colour payoff, but it’s cheap as chips and the colour is spot on. If mustard is too icky of an idea to put anywhere on your face, a muted orange would work brilliantly too, but nothing too bright and sunny because we’re still pretending winter has arrived.


3. Duochrome: It’s the season to look like a disco-ball, but in a cooler way with all the exciting duochromes that have hit the market lately. It’s effortless, but gives any make-up look a lil’ something extra. My ultimate favourite duochrome is when a plain eyeshadow colour is infused with an unexpected blue or green glitter. Mac’s new Dazzleshadow Liquid in the shade Diamond Crumbles is just what I’m talking about. It’s a shimmery holographic blue with pink pearl that will probably make your lids look like mother of pearl.


4. 90s lipstick: Ditch the rich maroon lipsticks for the quintessential 90s shade, a la early Friends — a deep brown. One of Fenty Beauty’s latest offerings is a the Stunna Lip Paint in Unveil, a rich chocolate shade that is said to work with any skin tone. You don’t even have to splurge on Fenty since every make-up brand has some form of a rich brown lipstick. Pair it with the pumpkin eyeshadow earlier and you’re all set for the season.

Bonus beauty

Earthy scents: It’s almost time to rotate out the fresh summer perfumes for more heavy alternatives and this is where my favourite, borderline old lady scent comes out to play. Lush’s Lady Flower (or Lust, as it’s known in other countries) is the kind of perfume that’s so intense it’s a bit scary to wear, but also so intoxicating and intriguing that you simply have to go for it. It’s a heavy on jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla, and just a tiny spritz will stay with you all day.