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1. Prep the face: Any make-up artist will tell you that the first step to any routine is the correct skincare prep. Applying make-up on uncleansed, dehydrated skin firstly wouldn’t feel very good, but the final look would also look unfinished and dull. Natural-looking make-up gets that dewy, inner glow appearance when the skin is hydrated and fresh. Use a basic daytime appropriate moisturiser and a serum if needed — nothing too heavy. Top tip: Don’t forget your sunscreen — they often make great make-up primers!

2. Use a few key face products: The secret to a fuss-free morning is to keep things simple — which means only using what you need. This is probably not the time to bust out the contour kit, three types of eyeshadows and false lashes. My go-to quick routine features a simple base — a thin layer of foundation with concealer under the eyes, or simply concealer in some spots blended out to even out the skintone. I’m not necessarily going for a full on coverage. The next step is to add a bit of dimension back to face with blush and a minimal amount of bronzer around the forehead and cheek bones. There’s no science to this — just apply it with a fluffy brush for some colour. Try and do this in natural light to make sure you don’t end up going over board. And that’s the face done. An optional step would be a setting powder and highlighter. Top tip: Using a cream blush with a sponge gives the most beautiful flush to the cheeks.

3. Let your skin peek through: As mentioned earlier, for an everyday look I don’t believe full coverage is needed. It can look very obvious and cakey (even when it’s blended well) when in close proximity to others in a work or college environment. If you’re fine with this, then go ham! However, for the sake of efficiency and a more natural, pleasing look, it’s OK to let your skin be visible under make-up. Top tip: Mix your foundation with a hydrating primer to make something similar to a BB cream/tinted moisturiser.

4. All in the eyes: Even if I skipped all of the above, I would 100 per cent still put on some eye make-up, because it can single-handedly make you look more awake and put together. My go-to method is as follows: curl the lashes well, apply two-three coats of your best mascara and then line the upper lid waterline with black or dark brown eyeliner, depending on your skin tone. I find that lining the lower waterline with a dark liner can be instantly ageing, so I skip that for myself. Top tip: Use a mascara primer for maximum volume and length.

5. MLBB lipstick: Once you find your perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade, picking your lipstick for the day becomes a lot easier. (I keep at least two on me at all times.) The idea is to pick a lip colour — whether it’s a gloss, a matt lipstick or lip balm — that is close to the shade of your lips but adds a little oomph to it. Having a variety of such shades — some leaning more peach, pink or neutral — might sound boring, but when you’re in a rush while doing your make-up, or lacking inspiration it can be a lifesaver. Top tip: When looking for an MLBB shade, try on the lipstick before buying. The colour in the tube might not look the same when applied on the lips, and it might even clash with your undertone.