Curbing overeating can be a tough challenge for most people. Some can’t help piling up their plate or going back for seconds. The next thing they know, they’re stuck on the unhealthy diet carousel and have piled on the kilos, too.

Putting on weight can be associated with many issues. Our emotions often drive us to use food as a crutch to fill a void and provide a source of comfort.
What adds to the problem is we live in a society that super sizes everything, letting us get used to portions that are really in excess of our actual needs. That’s why when we do think about going on a diet we’re shocked to see how much we have to cut back.

Mind over matter

Much as losing weight is a physical effort, it is also a mental one. If your mind is not in it, how can you hit your weight loss goal?

The first step toward winning the battle over your weight is to win over your mind. Yes, it is possible to will your way to a thinner,  healthier you. This is the key to effective, long-term weight loss.

To help spur you on to weight loss, you need to have a balanced mind and a positive mentality. Start by identifying what is causing your overeating.

Often, emotions are the triggers. Some people eat because they’re lonely, stressed or sad. When you eat based on your impulses you are more likely to eat food that can potentially sabotage your healthy diet. So, identify what triggers your overeating, avoid them and tame your cravings.

Everything in moderation

Achieving long-term weight loss is also about getting balance back into your eating habits. Swap greasy food with healthier options. Resist going on a binge. The old adage "everything in moderation"  definitely makes a good fridge magnet, but is not always easy to live by.

Going on a weight-loss drive requires discipline. There will be times when you will want to cheat or quit and you need to tell yourself to do the opposite.

Hypnotherapy can help you regain that eating control, which will mean you lose those excess pounds. It works in two ways – by teaching your brain to think like a thin person--stopping you from thinking about food all of the time—and transforming those bad food habits into good ones, giving you the will power to control what and how much you eat.
Set goals

You need to set small, realistic goals to keep you motivated to stay on this healthy route. It could be as simple as adding a few extra minutes of exercise into your daily routine, or by putting less food on your plate. But whatever it is, you need to want to continue to change.

Constantly remind yourself why you want to lose weight: whether to improve your long-term health, to feel more confident, or whatever your ultimate goal is.

Mental strategies

Other ways to help you slim down is to switch to smaller glasses, bowls and plates to reduce serving portions and help you naturally eat less.

Don’t eat while watching television or while at your desk. Distracted eaters tend to consume more food, while if you are more mindful of the food you eat, you will appreciate each bite and feel fuller more quickly.

Finally, don’t focus on the number of kilos you’ve lost as your only measure of success. Think about the healthy choices you are making and how these are helping improve your overall well-being.