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“I am only transcending, not dying, I will continue to exist and flourish,” a meditative-reflective thought can take the fear of death away. Death, as our Higher Consciousness knows, is simply a notion; it is transition of energy from one form to another. When human body is cast off, the mind ceases to have thoughts. Till the breath lasts, thought continues. Why should one be concerned about the last thought of the last breath?

Why last thought matters?

Yoga guru Swami Sivananda said, “The last thought of a man governs his future destiny.” “The last thought of a man determines his future birth.” (BG, Chapter 8: 6). Thoughts are conscious; we, our mind, body and consciousness, are affected by thoughts as much as we affect others by our thoughts.

Every thought that has been thought, exists. You have access to those thoughts as Eternal Consciousness. If thoughts are purified, made free from vices (the lower thought forms), the future is better too. Your thoughts are available to shape, re- shape the content of the next incarnation. You are what the content of your thought is, the state of ‘be-ingness’ is.

Your internal content is known to you, what is not known is ready to be known because it resides in your subconscious. Your present thoughts, attitude, behaviour, reside in the subconscious mind from where you behave, act. Your present behavioural patterns, action-habits are the result of thoughts, previously thought.

You can purify your thoughts. What does purification mean? It means making thoughts free from lower forms that makes the body heavy, pushes to sickness, keeps the mind occupied to its weight, keeps in mental bondage. Purified thoughts are liberating, light, harmonious. When you abide in thoughts that are of pure, virtuous content, then actions flow from that space. The work of thought-purification can be taken now, since the work requires incessant practice. The last thought is reflective of whatever has been predominantly practiced all along. It will travel back home with your Consciousness.

Practice virtuous thoughts

Is it possible to transform thoughts? Yes, they are at your will. You can do this when your Consciousness has a body-mind. What happens then? Actions change, behaviour patterns change. To what ? Purified form. Then what happens? The subconscious route is changed and transformed. And then what? You graduate to a higher level in your soul Consciousness, upon which, here and now, you live a transformed life, free from anger, resentments, greed, etc.

All this work can be done when body is present, so each life, each body-form you take, ought to be utilised with wisdom. The body helps to evolve your soul Consciousness. The content of your Consciousness is what makes you unique from others. It forms the template of the next life.

You are doing the work of your future when you purify thoughts in the present. The future will become the past, from which the present will evolve. You have a chance to work in the present to script or re-script the future as you would like. The wheel of life continues thus. Till it doesn’t, when one’s virtuous cycle comes to a close. Until then lifetimes are lived.

How many lifetimes? It depends on the efforts of your present (internal) work. What work is it? Living by the divine principles, divine virtues that hold value to you. Living. Experiencing. Going beyond conceptual understanding. Living is the key to soul transformation.

Is it easy? No. That is why it takes lifetimes and is called a journey. Is it possible? Yes. How do I start my work? By checking the last prominent thought you are sleeping with.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: