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As wisdom transforms ‘knowledge’ to ‘knowing’, one can feel complete inner harmony.

Knowledge implies your understanding of an idea or an object, the shape, size, form of it, as is perceived by your physical sensory organs and processed by your mind.

Knowing is touching the essence of things going above the sensory perceptions.

For example, it is in my knowledge that water is good for my health, that knowledge gets converted into knowing when I truly connect to the power of water and ‘obtain’ the essence of it. It could be: ‘Water quenches my thirst like no other liquid on earth; water is sacred and precious in that sense as well.’

With these knowing(s), I am filled with a sense of gratitude towards water available to me. I integrate this knowledge and embody the essence of it, the knowing, by valuing water more than I ever did before and/or by truly thanking this gift of nature, assimilating that it is beyond man’s capacity to create water. This whole packet of information shifts my perspective and relationship with water.

Knowledge offers a template to ‘knowing’, in extracting the essence of an information.

Completing the Learning Cycle

Knowing makes knowledge complete. And knowing provides justice to your knowledge. How? For example, it is in my knowledge that eating certain types of food doesn’t bode well with my medical condition. If I integrate this knowledge in me, through action, meaning, relinquishing those food items from my diet, then I have done justice to my knowledge.

Knowledge and knowing complement each other. Knowledge shapes knowing i.e. higher consciousness and knowing creates advanced knowledge.

Knowledge is a precursor to having an experience and also creating experience (s). For example, seeing fire and the potential danger it can cause is knowledge; getting a finger burnt in the fire is the knowing; a state of having ‘experienced’ the perceivable danger in its ‘full’ sense. In creating new experience, for example, through new art or new automobile invention, I use existing knowledge.

Inner Knowing is Real

Curiosity is a great driving factor in unravelling knowledge toward the knowing. Your knowing becomes your truth, which means it is your space of balance, peace and harmony.

But this state is attained with the condition that fine-tuning has to be with the knowledge and that it is ought to be done by abiding in the (high vibe) qualities of patience, love, compassion and understanding, among others. For, these are the keys to unlock your knowing.

Knowing can pack in several layers or coverings. When a layer of knowing is uncovered, it goes on to ‘flower’ as a refined knowledge. The refined knowledge, (which overtime becomes common knowledge), can be ploughed back into cognisance, to uncover yet another layer of knowing.

For example, refined knowledge: in high and pure vibration, my feelings and decisions are good.

Knowing 1: Every feeling passes through me (to others) and so I am the first one to be impacted.

Knowing 2: I retain a bit of every feeling that passes through me.

Knowing 3: My psyche/consciousness is shaped by what I retain.

Knowing 4: What I retain is done unto me, reflects back at me.

And so on. Good knowledge shapes higher knowing, higher consciousness.

When one ‘tunes in’, knowing is received. (It can’t be created). Else, one can remain ‘tuned out’ and may feel disconnected, as illusionary nature of things takes precedence in thoughts and actions.