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Those who speak too much or those who speak too less, those who can’t lend an ear or those who listen too much without listening to themselves, those who gossip or those who listen to gossip, those who indulge in idle talk or those who enjoy it — all need to pay attention to the throat energy centre.

Balancing is the key for a fulfilling life. This includes balancing the throat chakra energy as well, which is the fifth chakra and holds the higher, subtler form of energy. The throat or the Vissudhi chakra is the centre of the physical and spiritual purification, the bridge between the heart and the mind.

While balancing of the lower chakras enable dealing with emotions, meditation on the higher energies opens up the gateways between the spirit and the grosser body.

At this seat of higher consciousness, throat chakra works pairing up with denser energies; primarily the solar plexus, which represents transformation, as well as the sacral chakra, which relates to movement. In other words, if the throat chakra is functioning well, it means the solar plexus chakra is well addressed and vice versa. So, if you are confident, tuned into your self-worth and are fired up for changes and transformation, then you express them. You are in the flow and grace of the movement (sacral) when throat energy functions well.

If there is an obstruction in this energy, an individual might feel afraid to speak or may not have the inclination or the courage to communicate effectively and clearly.

I am limitless

The element related to throat chakra is ‘akash’ or the sky, also signified as Ether (the cosmic fluid). Meditation on this chakra with the seed mantra ‘Ham’ opens up individuals to their limitless potential, just like the limitless akash (sky).

With a little practice, not only will you get better at expressing yourself but will also start feeling the limitless span of your being. You will also begin to understand the cosmic nature of things, the cosmic principles that holds life, of which you are part of. You will start reflecting on things more and delve deeper into the aspects of life. Your spiritual understanding will evolve and your connection to your own divine self will deepen.

When this chakra is balanced, you are on to conserving energy at your throat. You will not waste words, rather become cognisant of what you speak and how you speak. You will start speaking from your heart rather than the mind. The mind will be used to process — the what, why, when, where and how of your ‘speak’. Can you listen to the ‘truth’? Your mind will process that too. Clarity is one of the chief aspects that will be attained.

As you go on to conserve energy at this centre, you also recharge and regenerate your being required for this processing.

The art of expression

Over communication or under-communication is the cause of miscommunication. To avoid miscommunication, speak as much as is required, weigh your words carefully and be aware of the impact your words are creating to an individual or the collective. Over communication, for instance, is the cause of rumours. Rumours can spread fear. Fear can cause anxiety, anxiety can lead to imbalances in the body. Emotional imbalances can cause physical issues. When people give into fear, the collective can act on that fear creating disturbances in the society. It is therefore, important to have self-control over “giving away” of the mouth and the ears.

If you have a balanced throat chakra not only are you a representative of peace for self but also a beacon of peace for the society (collective) you live in, society that you represent, to which you give and from which you take.

This centre governs the thyroid gland which affects body parts located between the mid-nose to collar bone; vocal cords, jaw, teeth, ears, nose, thyroid, parathyroid glands, respiratory apparatus and metabolism.

To meditate, sit comfortably. Spine straight. Join the tips of your middle finger and thumb. Gaze at the sky (mentally, if not meditating in open). Bring in the awareness that just as the sky has the quality of limitless space, you too embody that quality, that expansiveness. Now, whatever imbalance you want to change, word them simple, clear. For example, if you tend to bottle up things and allow others to speak for you, then you may affirm: “I speak for myself.” Bring your focus on the ‘V’ hollow of the throat area. Chant HAM till you get into a deep, dreamy state. As you stop, firm up the intention and repeat your affirmations with pure conviction as if you already are that; that you speak for yourself.

—Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: