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Existence flows, this means that change is a constant aspect of the Existence. As humans in a body-form, formed from the formless Existence, we too must learn to flow as such; change from old to the new self, expand awareness to a different (higher) perspective state, drop forms and identities.

Movement, Life’s Essence

When we are in the flow, then we are in sync with the movement. In other words, “one “with the essence of the Existence. Therefore, in movement, we thrive, we are happy, we are in alignment; life feels good. But when we are stuck in the past events (pleasurable or painful), we stop thriving, life becomes a complaint.

So how does one maintain movement? Let’s say an experience is causing regret ( or any negative emotion), having surfaced from dormancy to an active state. It is active as it holds negative charge. Meaning, I get triggered with it when I see certain things on TV, movies, social media, or hear someone talk which digs up that feeling. It doesn’t matter where it gets activated, the real question now is how do I defuse the negative charge, transmute and transcend it to move? That matters.

Feeling the Feeling

To experience movement, I will have to allow that emotion to unfold fully within me. I got to be fully present with that emotion, and cooperate with it. I acknowledge it without blaming, complaining or feeling a victim. That means, dis-identifying with the emotion, not becoming the emotion itself. Only observing it; ‘ Yes, I am aware that I feel regret.’ ‘I am aware that this feeling is unfolding in my body’ (noticing where the discomfort or pain is occurring)’.

When I face an unhelpful emotion; talk to it, without running, hiding or sweeping it under the carpet, then I can transmute it. In this dis-associating process, I permit my healing process. This is movement. But first, I must accept what I feel.

Cooperate, not Reject

Cooperating with a negative emotion is to understand its purpose for surfacing. Clearly running or rejection has not helped, otherwise, freedom (flow) would have been experienced, not the trigger. Ask: ‘ Why does this feeling/ emotion keep arising? ‘Why does it derail my energy balance?

Seeing from a wider lens, suppressing or rejecting an unhelpful emotion negates the process of Life itself, not just individual lives. It impacts the whole of humanity; if an individual is unhappy, s/he inadvertently “contributes” that and makes others unhappy, this unhappiness spreads far and wide like a ripple in the pond touching every “corner’. You see, energetically we all are tied up as one fabric, individuals being threads of the fabric. If one thread is distorted, what happens to the fabric?

The Paradox

Human life has a deep meaning. And so, all of our experiences have a deep meaning. This does not imply that we get attached to our unhelpful experiences so much so that those emotions stall movement (growth) that our ‘being’ seeks. Hence, disengage from negative emotions by cooperating with them keeping an observer position. Witness the event, without associating with it.

This sounds paradoxical ; cooperating yet dissociating. Because it is. Yet, in this neutrality, a fine balance of perspective is attained. Our higher consciousness does the balance work. We just have to be present with the emotion in willingness to be able to defuse the negativity and transcend it.

This balance practice initiates the healing process. Healing is a change of perspectives, it’s not a random act, but a conscious participative process. It is not a physical medicine, but an internal combustion process, the alchemy of emotions that when purified, changes perspectives. This process aligns with the essence of the Existence, hence one thrives.