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What does it mean to be aligned? Let us first understand what alignment is not. Non-aligned state “feels” like disharmony; understand that feelings are real, they don’t lie, words can lie, in the sense that words can be different from what one is feeling. Non-alignment is disharmony within the core of the heart, no matter what we say to self or others. Thus, always focus on feeling.

Non-alignment is when our thoughts, speech and actions mismatch, that is, what we express, we don’t mean it. When thoughts, speech and actions match, the inner being feels aligned. Then there is no disharmony of expression. There’s also an added quality to this alignment to make alignment complete; the awareness of what one is “feeling”.

In any experience exchange, if one feels ‘contented’, ‘satisfied’, ‘complete’, then one is experiencing an aligned state. Or else, alignment isn’t present, energies aren’t settled. Deeds and actions are not to show the world, but how one behaves with one’s own self describes his/her state of alignment or non-alignment. I may be the best and kindest to the whole world, but if I am not kind and loving towards my own self, then there is a duality, a non-aligned state.

When thoughts/words/actions match and remain one and the same, for all, including self, then state of alignment is felt. When that happens there is no looking or searching beyond, up or down, left or right.

In higher states of alignment, unmistakably felt within the inner being, consciousness coalesces into one single point — the moment — and then that is all there is. That is ‘bliss’; not seen or explained but simply “felt”.

Affirmations and feelings

Alignment can be moved into, through positive affirmations as energies find “home.” Therefore, when you affirm, “feel” the words. As you speak them, what you “feel” is real. Hence choose words that feel authentic to you. For example, if saying, “I always make the best decisions” doesn’t resonate, try with, “I always accept my decisions”, or “My decision serve me in the highest and best.” In saying what feels authentic, one moves towards alignment, the balancing of energies.

Words can be relative to one’s own notion. Therefore, adjust your affirmations. For example, the word, love, is embedded with multiple meanings simply because each person relates with this emotion differently. The feeling of love is different with different people and probably different at different times. So, make your affirmation as and how it rings true to you. The authenticity will be felt when energies will settle back to “home”/inner being. That’s alignment. “Feel” what clicks the best with you. For example, to boost your day, you can choose: ‘All is going well for me’, or ‘I know, ultimately everything works out for me,’ or ‘I believe that Universe supervises my day to the highest and best.’

Alignment is bliss felt. But how can one achieve and be, in the state of alignment? A random act of kindness can put you in the state of alignment. There need not be any drama associated with that/any act. A simple kind act done in obscurity and purity can put you in the state of alignment.

A well-meaning smile, a hand over the shoulder of a grieving man, feeding a hungry bird, offering water to a street animal can put you in the state of alignment. It just involves living with compassionate-awareness whilst toning down pre-occupation with the mundane. As the heart guides the mind, alignment is called forth.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: