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All is One. One is All. The negative feelings of anger, jealousy, sarcasm etc separate people, pulling them away from the universal fundamental principle of the Oneness. This is duality and the cause of suffering.

Mutual Support

Within this duality we are also discovering the self, the ‘I’. Discovery of the ‘I’ in its purest form has taken humans to the journey of lifetimes. The ‘Aham’ or the ‘I’ , is through which the discovery of Ekyam or Oneness is possible. ‘I’ must exist to know ‘We’; ‘We’ must diversify to know Unity. ‘I’ is diversified from the Absoluteness to realize the Absoluteness. We diversify as individual souls, individual breath, individual mind, body, hands, feet, emotions, thoughts, circumstances for this journey; to journey back to the Absoluteness. All has existed from the One Source and will dissolve back to that One Source. The Oneness/ Source/Absoluteness takes forms of All.

Coming Back Home

What is projected must come back to the projector. The rays of the sun are from the Sun, they have no other Source, when all is dissolved the rays must come back to the Source, Sun. There is no other place to go, no other place is chosen by the rays.

What emanates from the Source desires to return back to the Source only. Their forms change, shapes change but the essence remains the same. Unchanged.

All need to grow and evolve, till the evolution is complete to involution. Till then each other is needed. They are support systems toward the final journey; transcending duality into Unity, the Oneness. It’s a journey to recognise that Oneness is the Source. All are heading back there. It is the journey from mortality to immortality, from birth and death to the awareness of Existence. The Existence of ‘I’( ‘Aham’ ) is the divine truth. “I exist”.


The Source, the Oneness can be “felt” and “touched” during meditation, during the stillness of the mind. One can get connected to the divinity within, to the Source that exists within. When the mind is still and devoid of thoughts, there is no duality, it is in a transcendental stage where pureness of Oneness exists, there one is the Ocean of Pure Consciousness.

When the mind is quiet from resentments, anger, sorrow etc, (these are dualities) which cause frictions within, in their absence then, one feels united with the Self. The duel within ceases as purity of Oneness pervades.

Here is a meditation technique to feel the Oneness.

Sky Gazing: The best way to practice this meditation is lying down. Lie down and look at the clear blue sky. The sky should be clear with no clouds at all. Keep gazing at the clear blue sky without blinking or moving your eyes. Keep the practice effortless. Absorb the vastness of the sky as you continue to gaze at the clear blue sky; this gives a sense of infinity. Our true nature is infinite. The Source is infinite. Looking at something infinite, the mind goes quiet, because there is Oneness and there’s nothing to compare, contrast, contradict or define that Unity with any other separate object. When there are clouds, then something finite has been introduced, there’s a boundary. This disturbs the mind, the sense of infinity is lost. Separateness is felt. The mind, body, introduces such an illusion of separateness within the true nature of our Existence. Looking at the infinity helps to transcend the body-mind limitations. In the presence of infinity there is dissolution of everything else. By meditating on infinity, we absorb infinity, become THAT (infinity), transcending dualities of egos, identifications, limitations.

This meditation can also be done sitting, and gazing at a plain white wall.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: