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The last column articulated that the mind and body aren’t separate. Take note of the fact how the body responds to certain emotions, like when you are excited or nervous or anxious.

Thoughts generate emotions. The thoughts and emotions are energy from the mental plane and are invisible, however, they are real and this can be established from the way the body responds. The body’s expression is more tangible and visible than those of thoughts and beliefs, as the physical body operates on the material/ matter plane. Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, opinions, feelings are all subtle-level invisible, real energies.

Emotional Story Held in the Body

The invisible, subtle drives the more visible, perceivable. From that perspective, the body holds the emotional/energetic story of the self, while co-existing with the body and influencing it. Any mis-alignment in the emotional aspect will have a corresponding impact on the physical body. The body’s mis-aligned postures, pains, aches, illnesses, chronic discomfort are grosser expressions of unhelpful emotions-thoughts present inside.

Some of the stories we are aware of, at the conscious level, however, most we are not as they exist in the subconscious mind, but the body expresses them. Take a cue from your body’s telling and check what emotions-feelings are being harboured in the psyche and mind.

For example, the thought and the emotion, (operating at the conscious or the subconscious level): “I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders”, will generate sensation in the shoulder region, may be as pain, or body posture of droopy-shoulders, or expanded/rigid shoulders (to be able to carry the weight).

Or a thought similar to it such as , “I have to fulfill expectation/s of my parent or sibling or...”; thereby carrying that thought- energy on the shoulders. The individual may feel “weighed down” by this “burden” (drooped shoulders) or energetically will try to broaden the shoulders to be able to carry the weight of expectations.

Similarly, thoughts evoking feelings of anxiety, helplessness, worry will give sensations in the spleen or stomach region. The feelings of fear, unsupported-ness, blame will be felt in the kidneys or bladder. Similarly, harboured feelings of resentment or grudge will show up in kidneys mostly. Grief, sorrow, sadness, rejection will impact the lungs or colon.

Know that emotions can lodge anywhere in the body, especially those areas which are vulnerable (say, by injury, or nutritional deficiency or by genetic disposition).

The body doesn’t lie. It merely expresses the internalised feelings. When one continues to feel the same unhelpful emotion over and over again, regurgitate the same thought, the same unhelpful belief, the organ where the emotion is “lodged” might feel “overloaded”, and/ or work “double”, causing wear and tear to itself. It may feel obligated to produce more of that vibration, reinforcing the same cycle-pattern of thoughts.

The unhelpful emotions that get “lodged” are trapped energies within the body-system. Most emotions get trapped in early childhood and before that, at the conception stage or are carried forward from the past lives or from ancestors.

For example, the trapped emotion of betrayal, or forlorn, can be trapped in a person’s heart region. This emotion may be traced back to childhood, when an individual didn’t have a parent around while growing up, is one example. (“My parent was never available to us” or “my grandmother raised me, not my mother”).

A trapped emotion can be inherited, say of anger issues or easy disposition towards feeling fatigued. Some comments might seem casually made but can have forceful impact, as ‘you may fail this class’, may cause humiliation, or feelings of unworthiness to trap in the body causing performance anxiety.

In awareness one can notice the body signs and work backwards to the trapped emotions and let go of them.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: www.karmicwellness.in Email: hellokarmicwellness@gmail.com