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The prospect of sitting with self in silence scares many. The noise of thoughts gets louder and more perceptible in that silence and this is disconcerting for many. In silence, emotions well up, suppressed or repressed thoughts make their presence (for acknowledgement) ; the body starts registering aches and pains that were otherwise drowned in the busy-ness .This is discomforting and hence, activities are chased in lieu. So running from the self continues without resolving emotional wounds that continue to fester, robbing peace and creating physical and mental issues.

Obviously peace doesn’t exist outside, otherwise one would have chased it to the end. So long as self-avoidance continues, pain and suffering continues. Unless of course, one decides to connect with self in silence and self-communes. Across the bridge of discomfort, learning and peace waits. Emotions have to be resolved amicably, perceptions have to be changed. Silence offers space for all these noise does not. Silence is more powerful than noise and can consume noise in its fold.

The Sacred Silence

Sitting in silence is a sacred practice offering space for resolution, reconciliation and pain’s dissolution. Sitting with self without feeling lonely is a practice, done by choice. It is done in self-trust and faith where one can access their relationship with self. This is Self, providing self-presence. We live outside our bodies and minds most of the time, disconnected with self.

The outer world provides all sorts of enchantments and yet inside, a vacuum exists as self-presence is absent. Isn’t it interesting to ponder that technology that enables connection worldwide in seconds doesn’t drive away the feeling of emptiness that continues to exist, in many. Neither does the business of sports, online games, social media, meetings, shopping, news, gatherings, beaches or food. One can exhaust themselves with these mental and physical activities, yet the prospect of giving rest to activities is scary. Why ?

If emptiness exists, it is an indicator that the relationship with self needs redressal. You live in your own company and unless you would like it totally, existing with self can be a painful act. So, how does one start living with self peacefully?

Communion with Self

One of the first steps is to come back ‘home’, connect with the body using the breath. Where is ‘home’? It is within self , not some place out that is chased. Feel the breaths; breathe slowly, mindfully and restfully. There is nothing else you have to do. This is it, this is the only job for now.

Feel the breath moving inside the body. With closed eyes visualize the body, feel the ‘movement’ of breath in the ‘stillness’ of the body. Feel it. This is ‘home’. This is where your spirit is restored, rejuvenated, refuelled, recharged for activities. Don’t underestimate the power of breath, when you connect with your breath mindfully, it responds back by healing your body, mind and spirit. Breath is the connection between the self and the cosmos. This connection is to be restored for wellness.

Why don’t we sit with ourselves often? We fear our own thoughts, we fear that we will not be able to handle our emotions, however, know that this is a matter of practice . Coming ‘home’ is a practice before it becomes a natural state of being -ness. So, take courage to sit with your emotions. Emotions cannot destroy you. Thoughts can’t destroy you. You have the power to change your thoughts. From the available range pick those, that restores self-connection, brings you back in your body, recharges, nourishes, and lifts your spirit. Emotions are expressions, projections of the inner state and by purifying the inner state, outcomes can be different. There are different potentials held in one thought. Which potential do you want to manifest? Ask , mould and focus your thoughts in that direction, so that it can yield thus.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: