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This column is in continuation from the last, on awareness of the primordial element ether (akash), that composes our body along with air, water, fire, and earth elements. Space is all-pervasive, boundary-less, infinite. All is contained within the space including cosmic voids, our thoughts, and potentialities.

Space is filled with divine intelligence; this imperishable element contains all phenomena in an ordered manner, including the sequence of events of a transformation process; all that is manifest and all that is unmanifest. It holds all existences, as matter and potential, known and unknown.

Understanding the Energy of Space

Our body occupies the space of wherever it goes, of a park, a building, of another person too! How? This is through thinking about another person. Thinking about another person is occupying their spaces and bringing their energy ‘home’ through the mind. We can home-in another person, that is, the energy of another person within our being. If done too much, we can start acting/behaving like the other person by developing an association with the other person’s energy. We can speak/act/behave like our mothers, fathers, siblings, or who we consider as our heroes, idols. They live in our spaces, in the mind. Humans absorb others’ energy by mulling about them.

The more we dwell in a particular thought, emotion, person the more we live-out their energies. Caught on the disabling side, we may not trust our own inner wisdom, our own self may become unsteady. For example, in homing-in this thought, ‘others couldn’t do this, so I won’t be able to do it’; brings the energy of self-doubt and rejection, one can give up an idea before giving it a chance of expression. This is how unconsciously we may keep absorbing outside energy at the cost of inner- wisdom, self-trust. For example, if we didn’t know that a task has been labelled impossible, we may just go ahead and do it. A toddler learns to walk eventually as the mind is not preconditioned with thoughts of failure.

Releasing Old Energies

Releasing the old, worn-out ideas is creating space in the mind. That which is not working for a healthy and happy life, those ideas, limitations must be released, so that space for new ideas can get created. When new ideas run their course, stop giving benefit, stop serving, stops the flow of life, then it is time to drop them again and move to creating and giving space to newer ideas; this cycle of movement ought to continue. Intuition, the sixth sense, the inner voice is the perfect guide for this movement. Therefore, go inward more. Spend time in inward space more. Still the mind more. Cut the outside noise.

All answers are held within space and hence received. In meditative stillness one can establish connection with the Infinite Intelligence to inquire on ideas such as: What do I truly want? What do I truly desire? What purpose does my life hold? What potential have I got? One’s inner wisdom opens up.

In the rush of daily life, one can tap into the inner space to inquire further: Do I give enough space to my mind to relax? How am I using my mind-space every day? What thoughts and feelings am I keeping in? Your inner space already contains the wisdom of answers to guide you (inner guidance). We connect and explore our inner space to understand our true nature in the meditative stillness. Meditate on the vastness of space, the limitlessness of the space. The more we contemplate-meditate an aspect, the more we absorb their qualities.

Meditating on Akash, we get to understand our own vast potential, outside the boundaries we make for self and live in those confined spaces. In limiting ourselves, we may feel choked and stagnant. We may wish to ‘stretch’, ‘expand’, ‘express’. This element is related to freedom and expression.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: