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Ramadan Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: We are almost nearing the end of Ramadan, which each year, urges the faithful to devote more time to introspecting on the spiritual side of life, of looking deep within for the blessings one has received from the Almighty and awaken to the realisation of how this privilege asks of us to reach out to those not so privileged in a myriad ways, underlined by compassion, generosity and love.

The significance of Ramadan for spiritual enrichment cannot be emphasised enough. It is regarded as the best month of the year for Muslims as it was the month in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on the night of Laylat Al Qadr, one of the last ten nights of Ramadan.

This invaluable gift of piety and devotion that the faithful receive brings with it transformational experiences, deeply moving and rewarding life lessons on discipline, introspection, kindness and charity that stay with the individual for the rest of their lives.

As Mohammad Faris, founder of ProductiveMuslim.com and author of The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity, puts it, Ramadan is about asking oneself the critical question: ‘How can I be the best version of myself — spiritually, physically and socially.

For different people, the answers to this question spring from uniquely individual realisations. Many non-Muslims have also been deeply touched by the spiritualism of Ramadan, with its all-pervading spirit of compassion, grace and humanitarian principles opening their eyes to its innate meaning.

As we look forward to the bounty and joy of Eid, Gulf News asks residents what lessons from Ramadan will they take forward with them for the rest of the year.