Dr Qudsia Anju Fasih Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: “This Ramadan, I learnt patience,” said Dr Qudsia Anju Fasih, Specialist Family Medicine, Marina Health Promotion Centre, Abu Dhabi. “This is the Year of Tolerance and teachings and spirit of Ramadan are to be humble and tolerant toward others.

“[Of course], we put in our best efforts to live our life as per the teachings of Ramadan throughout the year. We try to bring the same discipline to our lives during other months too, but sometimes we cannot do it to the degree that we do in this month.

“Ramadan teaches us to be humble and kind towards one another and do charitable deeds. Sharing and caring for others is the essence of Ramadan’s teachings, and we have been learning and practising it for many years.

Each year, as we grow up a little more, we learn more and do things with more maturity.

- Dr Qudsia Anju Fasih, Specialist, Family Medicine

“We learnt from Quran, Hadith and our parents that we earn the maximum blessings of Allah in this month and people who observe the fast will be rewarded hugely.

“Praying five times a day, doing charitable works and caring for others, we do them throughout the year but in Ramadan, it gets maximised due to the abundance of barakah [blessings] of Allah.

“Each year, as we grow up a little more, we learn more and do things with more maturity. There could be some diversions off the right path at some point of time due to various reasons, such as society, friends or people but we revert to our roots and teachings of Islam which has been instilled in us by our parents.

“This Ramadan, I am happy that my office has given me a very flexible working schedule, which helps me engage in more prayers and more importantly, on time.”