For the past three months, I have had a terrible billing issue regarding my water utility, from Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa). My average consumption in the previous six months was somewhere between 5,000 to 6,000 units, but now, it has gone to an extreme level and climbed up to 21,000 units. I have no leaks in the apartment or outside. I registered a complaint in a branch and the manager provided a letter to the technical department for water and a Sewa personnel visited the building and came to the conclusion that there was no issue. I visited both the branch and the technical department without any success or any explanation from Sewa. So, how has the meter reading sky-rocketed? It seems this situation has happened with several other customers, when it was discussed with our building’s office manager. If Sewa wants to increase the utility bills for its customers, they could send out a press release instead of indirect and shocking actions, which cause us great inconvenience and financial stress.

From Mr Suman Wilfred


Editor’s note: We have forwarded this complaint to Sewa for comments. However, its management failed to respond.

(Process initiation: June 14. Process completion: June 28.)

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