My family and I were about to go on holiday to Yerevan, Armenia and were waiting close to the gate at the airport in Dubai when I realised that my son’s medicines for his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were checked in by mistake.

I went to the counter and asked if I could get that bag back. The gentleman at the counter was polite and refused, but then called the supervisor to check.

This man started yelling at his team. I was standing alone at the counter, while other customers could hear this man. He finally looked at me and refused my request about the bag.

I called him aside and told him his attitude needs improvement. He then proceeded to shout at me, threatened to offload me and then walked me to the police. The policeman tried to defuse the situation, but the flydubai supervisor told me if he wasn’t in his uniform he would assault me. This is unacceptable!

He then held onto my family’s boarding passes and insulted me in front of my son, before finally handing them back to me just before the flight.

This kind of aggravated intent to assault and threats from a supervisor are despicable and in poor taste. I have over 15 witnesses on the flight who could vouch for me. This man should not be in the service industry.

Incidentally, the bag was missing Dh2,800 and several items when we arrived.

From Mr Rony Nair


The management of flydubai responds:

Thank you for contacting us and for giving us the opportunity to comment following an enquiry received from Mr Rony Nair relating to a flight from Dubai to Yerevan on June 28, 2017. We have also received the same enquiry from the passenger through our customer service team as well as from our community management team on Facebook.

Mr Nair has raised two matters, one relating to a request to retrieve items from his baggage after it had been checked in and the second on items missing from his suitcase. Our comments are as follows:

Article 8.3 V of our Conditions of Carriage state that passengers should neither pack items such as medicine in to their check in baggage, if they will need it for the flight or pack valuables such as money (Article 15.5 Baggage - 8.3 Items).

As boarding for the flight had already commenced, it was explained that to retrieve the items the bag would have to be offloaded from the aircraft and the passenger would then not be able to travel on that flight.

We have reviewed the reports as well as CCTV footage from the gate and the matter was referred to the local authorities. We always ask our passengers to treat our staff with understanding and respect.

Mr Nair did not report the missing items from his suitcase at the time he collected his bag. Since receiving his enquiry, our baggage services team have proactively contacted him to ask him to complete a missing items form so that his case can be forwarded for investigation by the local authorities.

We would advise our passengers to familiarise themselves with the Conditions of Carriage.

Mr Nair responds:

The main item I raised was that a member of the staff was rude and threatened me. The money stolen was a corollary of the same. The man at the counter explained the matter courteously. It was only the supervisor who was disrespectful.

I got an email pointing out that it was all my fault. Nobody asked me to fill out a form. I am a frequent traveller and I know their “conditions of carriage” well enough.

The response from flydubai is disappointing and inadequate. My intention is that other passengers should not be bullied. In this case, flydubai has not risen to the occasion.

The management of flydubai responds:

Thank you for getting in touch. Please note that we have been in contact with Mr Rony Nair and that from his last communication to us on August 6, his case is now closed. Please feel free to contact the passenger regarding this.

Mr Nair responds:

Customer services did get in touch with me and addressed the concern I had very competently. I continue to reiterate that people like the one I dealt with at the airport would damage the reputation and image of the airline. I thank flydubai for following through on my concern.

(Process initiation: July 24. Response from organisation: July 27. Reader confirmation: August 11.)