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  • Reader commends the RTA for their service

Every one of us has certain belongings which we hold extremely close to our hearts. Losing these belongings will definitely upset us. I also have a few belongings that I hold dear, one of those include a pair of glasses, which are very special to me.

Last week, I wore them and left for my friend’s house in a Dubai taxi. Soon after reaching her house I realised that the glasses were not with me and that I had conveniently forgotten them in the taxi I had taken.

I knew that losing something in a taxi meant it was quite unlikely that I would get it back. Thousands of people move around the city in taxis daily, and finding my glasses was going to be close to impossible.

I discussed the incident with my friend and she told me that I should try filing a complaint with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA’s) ‘lost and found’ service. I dialed RTA’s help line number and a representative answered my call. The lost and found desk listened attentively to my story and asked me the following questions: The area and time where I took the taxi from, the time I was dropped and the total fare of the journey.

I was told that someone from the team would get back to me in a week’s time. They noted my cell phone number in case they wanted any further information from my side.

To my amazement the very next day I received a call from an RTA representative informing me that they had successfully retrieved my glasses and the driver himself brought it to them after finding it in his taxi.

I am sure several people would have had the same experience of retrieving their lost item from the Dubai taxi like I did. This certainly speaks volumes of the excellent service the RTA provides to its customers.

I would like to appreciate the dedication and loyalty of the RTA and their drivers, and the way in which they are catering to the needs of their customers.

- The reader is a Dubai resident.