In September 2016, Mashreq Bank sent me an invitation by SMS to participate in a promotion, which awarded the successful applicants a dining voucher worth Dh200.

The requirement was to increase the balance in my account by Dh10,000 per month for next four months. I did that and my present bank balance can prove it.

Regrettably, they have not dispatched the dinner voucher worth Dh200 yet. I have been calling their call centre and I spoke with at least four people. Each one of them mouths the customary platitudes, apologises for the delay, asks me to repeat my case, assures me that someone from the bank will call me within the same day or within two days. But that’s it.

Nothing positive comes out of it, and I have to repeat the process again and again. I am approaching Gulf News to vent my anger and forewarn the public not to believe in this bank’s promotion schemes.

I wonder if they will honour their commitment ever.

From Mr Adil D. Moos


The management of Mashreq Bank responds:

We have thoroughly reviewed the concerns raised by Mr Adil Moos and our investigations reveal as following.

As per our investigation, Mr Moos had enrolled for a Spends promotion on his Visa credit card where he was required to spend Dh2,000 in order to avail the dining voucher of Dh200.

While the voucher for the promotion was delivered timely, there was confusion in the type of voucher delivered to him. This is when he was trying to reach the call centre to seek clarity.

We have contacted Mr Moos and his main concern was about the lack of follow up done by our call centre on his concerns highlighted on the voucher type. He called our call centre on multiple occasions and requested for call backs, which were not registered and hence the call back was missed.

The customer’s concern was later received by us directly on February 22, 2017 through our call centre and resolved on February 27, 2017 as per our system logs by offering him an additional Dh200 dine voucher due to the inconvenience caused.

We have again received his request from Gulf News on March 1, 2017 and established contact with Mr Moos. He has re-confirmed that all his concerns stand addressed by the bank and he is happy with the resolution provided.

As a gesture we have arranged to issue additional Dine voucher of Dh200 besides his win of Dh200.

Thank you for your intervention and assistance offered to our customers to resolve their concerns.

Mr Moos responds:

Please be advised that I am very disappointed by the tardy service or lack of any service afforded to me by the various call centre representatives. It was on my fifth attempt that a call centre representative informed me that my previous four complaints were not even registered by the other representatives. However, this issue is resolved. I appreciate this good social service being done by Gulf News.

(Process initiation: March 1. Response from organisation: March 5. Reader confirmation: April 4.)

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