I need Gulf News’ help to get my money back from United Arab Bank (UAB). I had an account with them and an ATM card.

The issue is that, as per the statement, more money was withdrawn from my account than is allowed in my daily limit. I used the ATM card in the UAB Deira ATM machine and it asked for my PIN, which I put in. Then, a message came up saying that the ATM is under maintenance. When I checked my statement, the money was debited.

I would appreciate Gulf News’ assistance in helping me recover my money. The only way to find the truth would be to audit the ATM logs (along with the maintenance schedule or through any other staff in the bank during at that period), the bank account logs (to check the actual time the money was debited from my account) and the bank security cameras (to show whether I have taken or received the money).

If the camera cannot show I have taken the cash from the ATM, I should be given my money back.

From Mr Ross Silveira, Dubai

The management of UAB responds:

Mr Silveira had registered several complaints at our branch about being billed for ATM transactions that he claimed did not go through successfully.

We provided him with comprehensive evidence and documentation confirming that the transactions had indeed been successful, but he was not convinced.

He subsequently approached the Central Bank to raise an official complaint.

In response, we provided the Central Bank with the evidence we had provided the customer, including documentation and camera recordings confirming the transaction. On reviewing this evidence, the Central Bank closed the case and was in favour of UAB’s decision to refute the claim.

We have notified the customer of the outcome. It should be emphasised that it was the Central Bank’s sole decision not to uphold the complaint.

Mr Silveira responds:

The Central Bank’s decision is only based on the ATM logs provided by the bank.

The Central Bank requested me to make a police complaint. I am hopeful Gulf News can assist me in resolving the issue. If not, I will go to the police as my last option.

Ideally, we would need video footage showing I have collected money from the ATM machine and have put it in my pocket.

The management of UAB responds:

Kindly note that we have requested our security vendor to provide us a copy of the CD with the recording of the customer footage.

This is the same footage provided to the Central Bank of the UAE previously as well. We will be contacting the customer next week and advising him of the location where he can come and view the content. Once done and confirmed, we will advise Gulf News of the outcome.

UAB updates:

Kindly be advised that UAB was waiting for Mr Silveira to return to the country, which he did on October 28. We have got in touch with him and have scheduled a meeting next week for him to view the footage.

Mr Silveira responds:

I saw the video footage for 2014, as requested. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the 2013 video as the bank did not have that available as per their policy.

But, based on the discussion with UAB, we identified that the transactions from one day are recorded in the next after the bank’s cut-off times. Thank you Gulf News, for helping me come to a conclusion regarding this transaction.

(Process initiation: September 14. Response from organisation: September 17. Reader confirmation: November 8.)

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