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Last month’s debacle involving a certain regional beauty influencer was a masterclass in how not to do social media. Thankfully, for every negative person producing content on the internet, there are 20 innovative beauty creators that are using their platforms to spread only good things. Here are five of our favourite regional and global beauty influencers:

Who: Jovita George

Why we love her: Kuwait-based Jovita George’s positive energy radiates through the screen as she talks about make-up. She’s a joy to watch and I will sometimes play her videos in the background as I do other things just because her voice and demeanour is so uplifting. Her tutorials often feature elaborate make-up looks but they’re always fun to follow and are creative enough that you want to try your hand at them. George also features videos targeted at darker skinned Indian women like herself, offering specific recommendations for lipsticks, concealers and more, which are very handy in a world saturated by media targeted at lighter skinned people.

Who: Mohammad Hindash

Why we love him: YouTube make-up tutorials have turned into overlong productions that can sometimes look like comedy skits mixed with a montage of the person’s life. But Dubai-based Hindash keeps his tutorials crisp, educational and minimalistic. He uses a white backdrop for every video, doesn’t have wordy introductions or jarring graphics overlaying the clips. He lets his make-up artistry and techniques drive the video, a majority of which are in Arabic. The looks Hindash creates are mostly soft and feminine but still striking. His models don’t end up looking like completely different people at the end of the video, but instead look like fresh-skinned and radiant versions of themselves, which is very refreshing to see.

Who: Jackie Aina

Why we love her: Jackie Aina is an OG YouTuber from the US that has been in the game since 2009, amassing more than 2 million followers in the process. She has also won an NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) award and with a recent collaboration with major beauty brand Too Faced Cosmetics helped them expand their foundation shade range to include darker skin tones. We love the fact that she has uses her platform as a black woman to talk about race, inclusivity in the beauty industry and the advancement of women. Her make-up tutorials are full-on glamorous but still creative and fun to watch. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and could probably be a comedian if she wanted to. Also, her trademark musical introduction is something that we will never tire of.

Who: Alissa Ashley

Why we love her: Alissa Ashley’s most recent video, a recreation of Rihanna’s recent British Vogue cover, explains our admiration for this YouTuber. Ashley films herself over a couple of days prepping for this intense make-up look; she even buys her own fake flowers and ribbon to create the floral crown that the pop star wears in the image that has raised many eyebrows. Viewers go behind the scenes to see Ashley’s professional studio set up complete with huge lights, her self-doubt and worries about the shoot and finally, her recreation on the make-up, complete with the thin eyebrows. It’s hard not to be impressed by Ashley’s persistence, creativity and open personality.

Who: Katie Jane Hughes

Why we love her: If you’re scared of using colour in your make-up, or are overwhelmed by the 30-product looks that are the norm these days, Katie Jane Hughes is a breath of fresh air. She posts mostly on Instagram, with some videos on YouTube. Hughes is known for her dramatic but simple eye looks, glowy highlighter and for her insistence on not caking on the foundation and letting her real skin show through. As a professional make-up artist, she also shares loads of helpful tips and product recommendations.