UAE: 5 drinks you can make at home to serve your guests during Eid Al Adha

UAE: 5 drinks you can make at home to serve your guests during Eid Al Adha

A welcome drink or a post-meal drink... these recipes will quench your thirst this week

From Emirati Gahwa to Peppery-herby Buttermilk, here's how you can make these 5 drinks at home this Eid... Image Credit: Clint Egbert, Shutterstock, Gulf News Archives, Stockfood

Dubai: It's that time of the year when you celebrate Eid with your loved ones, and meet-ups are a must, given the week-long holiday. However, memories are best served cold or hot with a refreshing drink, which is why you can make these five easy drinks at home for your guests...

1. Gahwa

Gahwa - a traditional Emirati brewed coffee
Ever looked closely at the Dh1 coin? It's the gahwa pot or dallah. Used to store Gahwa or coffee, this beverage is a staple of every majlis, and commemorates customs and conversations. In addition to this, the traditional beverage is key for a gathering and takes only a few minutes to make Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Here's how you can make Gahwa

2. Tamar Hind

Tamar Hind
Made with four ingredients and in two steps, this sweet-sour drink is refreshing and healthy at the same time. Common to the meal table, this Indian tamarind-based drink is native to Africa although famed in the Middle East Image Credit: Shutterstock

Here's the recipe for Tamar Hind

3. Peppery-herby buttermilk

Peppery-herby buttermilk
Summer in Dubai giving you reasons to fly out to a colder place this Eid? Well, try out a refreshing glass of peppery-herby buttermilk instead. With the core of this drink being yoghurt, it is most favoured for its herby additions of mint or coriander Image Credit: Shutterstock

Try out the Editor's recipe to making this popular drink

4. Karkadeh

Popular in Egypt and Sudan, this hibiscus iced tea is a treat for the eyes as well as your taste buds. Made with just five ingredients, this drink takes almost two hours to perfect although the end result is a pleasant blend of rose and cinnamon Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

This is how you can make Karkadeh

5. Ayran

Not to be confused with buttermilk because of yoghurt being its core ingredient, but this drink or Ayran is served during special occasions especially in Turkey and the Middle East. This refreshing, cold beverage is also consumed often due to its health properties Image Credit: Stockfood

Here's how you can make Ayran

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