Egyptian actress Yousra Image Credit: Alex Westcott, Gulf News

Actor, singer, television star or goodwill ambassador, call her what you want but there is one thing you cannot deny Egyptian actress Yousra: her immense popularity.

Very few in the Arab world do not know the star who began her career in 1980 with the film Athkiya' Laken Aghbiya'. Yet, Yousra, who was a guest at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, is always hungry for more.

The actress told tabloid! in a previous interview that she still has a long way to go. "I have done many different roles with many different looks. I have done comedy, drama and entertainment. I choose the roles and I choose what's best for me.

"And yet I still don't feel that have achieved anything. That's why I love my job and why I enjoy it," she said.

Yousra's popularity took off immediately after her debut. She then went on to do a number of films with Adel Imam, considered one of the most popular actors in Egypt.

Today, with more than 38 films, a music album and a number of thought-provoking, popular, television shows under her belt, Yousra, who is also the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, is not slowing down.

tabloid! caught up with the star for a brief interview.

What are your impressions so far of the ADFF?

This is not my first time at the festival. I was a member of the jury at the ADFF two years ago, and was honoured to be there and really enjoyed my stay. I believe the festival is getting bigger and bigger every day and it has great success.

You always come out in interviews with a big smile, and carry a positive image in most of your movies. How do you do it?

I am a very optimistic person and I believe that energy is the most important thing. Positivity opens doors in front of you.

You look gorgeous. Other women may just want to know how you manage to look so young, vibrant and fit.

Being young in the heart and being young in your attitude makes you feel very young. What you have inside your heart shows outside on your face.

Have you ever considered working for Hollywood?

I was offered about four different films in Hollywood. I prefer to be first in my region as I am now, rather than being the second or the third in any other place.

How stressful is it to be Egypt's most prominent actress?

I love it. It is a privilege to be loved by everybody.

How important is being a UNDP goodwill ambassador for you? Do you manage to portray humanitarian messages through your movies?

Of course I do. It is a privilege to be part of UNDP. Being there, I can see the problems more clearly and can know how to work on them in a better way.