Far Cry at Arena Dubai
Far Cry at Arena Dubai Image Credit: Gulf News

Virtual reality headsets give a whole new meaning to the word escape. When you gear up - headsets and sometimes, backbacks and toy guns - and head into a beautifully designed world, it transports you; the rules of reality feel bendable and the focus of the mission is all you think of – for a few moments; the games typically last between 15 and 30 minutes, you are part of someone else’s narrative; a character playing a role.

In the case of ‘Far Cry’, which I tried at Arena Games, I was stranded on ‘Rook Island’ fighting off ‘pirates’ who wanted me dead. There was a toxic mushroom lined walk and even some magical opponents. I found myself yelling at the shock of things. Ledges seemed just as real as they would be in real life. So was the pounding of my heart.

Playing with family or friends offers of course an added advantage – you now have someone who’ll have your back. It’s great for team building as well. But I’m still all about escapism, and that’s provided with pulse-gripping moments during play. Want to let off steam? This one’s a good way to go.

Cost: Dh115.

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iFly Skydiving simulator allows you to have a skydiving experience while in a wind tunnel, making it an awesome experience. Dh350.

At Dreamscape at Mall of the Emirates, you can see endangered species in space or help save a family of whales or have an Indiana Jones-style adventure. Tickets start at Dh75.