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A Stark must always be at Winterfell and that adage finally saw Arya and Bran return as the prodigal champions to their home in the North.

With only seven episodes this season, the action was quick to move along with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally crossing paths, with the proverbial sparks flying. The R + L = J epiphany may derail this budding romance in the upcoming season, but then again, when has incest stopped anyone before on this show?


There were key battle scenes on season seven that stole the thunder (remember Viserion rising from the dead?) but what really had us cheering was the chance to spend more time with Lyanna Mormont, the little firecracker who stole Jon Snow’s thunder in the previous season.

Key episodes:

Dragonstone (Episode 1)


Never one to be a fan of the first episode of the past few seasons, the makers took the narrative up a few notches to kick off the show with Arya Stark’s vengeful turn as she all but obliterates House Frey for their treacherous turn during the Red Wedding in season three.

We also saw an emotional homecoming for Daenerys who returned to Dragonstone, setting the stage for her fateful meeting with Jon two episodes later.

Plus, the makers also had a bit of fun during with this episode with Ed Sheeran’s little cameo.

The Queen’s Justice (Episode 3)

The moment we had all been secretly waiting for finally arrived seven seasons in when Jon finally crossed paths with Daenerys at Dragonstone in an attempt to enlist her to join forces with him to take on the Night King and his Army of the Dead.

Back in Winterfell, the Stark reunion continues with Bran finally reaching his childhood home to be reunited by Sansa and reveal his new avatar as the Three-Eyed Raven.

The body count also continued to rise in this episode with Cersei administering the same poison to Tyene which was used to kill Myrcella, while Euron Greyjoy’s fleet ambushes the Unsullied. But the most regal death of them all carried us to Highgarden where Olenna Tyrell gives Jaime a parting shot before her own death by confessing to poisoning his son Joffrey.

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Beyond The Wall (Episode 6)


The emotional homecoming for Arya in Winterfell was short-lived (or so we thought) as tensions grow between her and Sansa, even as Littlefinger manipulates the friction to his advantage — first by exposing a letter Sansa had written to Robb Stark, begging for his fealty to Joffrey Baratheon, then by ensuring Sansa discovers Arya’s bag of ‘faces’.

Meanwhile, beyond the Wall, Jon is on a hunting expedition to capture a wight when his group is forced into battle with the White Walkers. Just when all hope is lost for Jon and his knights, damsel Daenerys charges in to save the day, riding her dragon Viserion. Unfortunately, The Night King’s ice spear proves too much for the regal creature and the dragon is killed while Dany escapes with Jon. Although, it isn’t long before the Night King resurrects Viserion to join his Army of the Dead.

The Dragon and the Wolf (Episode 7)


The long and winding episode’s first act led us to the great houses finally calling a truce after Cersei is presented with a wight and agrees to send her forces to battle the Army of the Dead. But when Jaime learns of the now pregnant Cersei’s treachery, following that controversial rape, he finally abandons her and rides north.

Back in Winterfell, the second act takes us to Littlefinger’s trial where he finally learns that the seeds of dissent he planted between the Starks have backfired. Accused of treason and murder, Arya finally puts an end to his treachery with the help of Needle.

Romance blossoms between Jon and Dany en route to White Harbour, even as Samwell heads to Winterfell and meets Bran. Their discussion over Jon’s parentage finally unravels the biggest mystery of it all: R + L = J

Indeed, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were secretly wed and had a son, Aegon (aka Jon), who was later adopted by Ned Stark. The revelation also confirms that Jon is the true and legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

But all that can wait for a later day as The Wall finally collapses and the Night King rides atop Viserion as the Army of the Dead marches through for a final battle.

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