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Camilla Luddington and Ellen Pompeo on 'Grey's Anatomy'. Image Credit: Courtesy of ABC

Ellen Pompeo has played the iconic character Dr Meredith Grey in the series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ since 2005, and that might just be the actress’ last role.

In an interview, Pompeo said she doesn’t intend on acting after the long-running show comes to an end.

“I’m not saying I’ll never act again. I very well may, but I’m not super excited about continuing my acting career,” Pompeo said on an episode of the Ladies First with Laura Brown podcast. “I’m more entrepreneurial at this stage. I’m excited about investing in businesses, and starting [a] business. That’s an area of growth that I’m excited about, using my brain in a different way.”

Pompeo, 51, admits that she hasn’t done “a million different roles” during her career. However, starring as the much-loved lead on the romantic drama series has given her enough acting experience — even the negative parts of it.

“I feel like I’ve done it,” Pompeo said. “Sitting around in trailers, travelling around, shooting this in Atlanta, shooting that in Vancouver. I have no desire to go sit in trailers at 11 o’clock at night and wait to shoot scenes and have ADs knock on my door and tell me when I can eat lunch. You know, it’s for the young at heart. It’s for the youth!”

Prior to starring in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, the actress has had roles in movies such as ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Old School’. She even appeared in a cameo in the hit sitcom ‘Friends’.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’, created by Shonda Rhimes, is a medical drama that premiered on March 27, 2005, and was recently renewed for its 18th season.