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Dubai: The UAE’s multi-lingual teenage singer Suchetha Satish has sent out a musical message to the Malayalam community in the UAE.

The 14-year-old Grade 10 student of The Indian High School, Dubai has recorded a song in her native Malayalam language while trying to make the large community from the Indian state of Kerala aware of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The lyrics of the song are written by Suchetha’s mum Sumitha, while exhorting the community to “keep the distance, keep cleanliness and make it a habit to wash hands”.

The song further instructs people that “the rules are strict, please adhere to them. Do not panic, but be cautious and never lower your guard”.

“Let us work for peace in the world together so that all of us are at ease,” the song concludes

The song was released on various social media platforms on Tuesday. Suchetha, whose dad TC Satish is a prominent dermatologist practicing in Dubai, had released her first song on Covid-19 in English, on March 16. The English song is titled ‘Say No To Panic’.