Mohan Babu Manchu in Son of India Image Credit: Supplied

In the wake of online trolling against Telugu actor Mohan Babu Manchu and his family members, the family has issued a legal notice to trolls.

Following the release of Mohan Babu’s latest movie ‘Son of India’, a number of trolls mocked the actor for not being able to attract many viewers to the theatres.

Mohan Babu and his son, actor and MAA president Vishnu Manchu filed a legal complaint against the online bullies and websites that mocked the film.

In the letter issued by Vishnu Manchu and Mohan Babu, the duo called out the mockery as they were “downright hurting their feelings”. The father-son duo also requested all social media platforms to look into their complaint and remove abusive comments immediately.

The letter further read: “We shall sue your establishments and go to the extent of claiming damages to the tune of Rs 10 crore [Rs100 million].”

A couple of days ago, reacting to the trolls, Mohan Babu said he saw a conspiracy behind it.

“I am well aware that there are two heroes behind this trolling gang. They have hired men to troll me, Vishnu and Lakshmi. They will pay for it someday,” he said.