Actress Chitra
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Even as actress Chitra’s sudden death has sent shockwaves across the Tamil entertainment industry, her friend and colleague Sharanya Turadi has posted a new video of the late star.

An upbeat Chitra is seen speaking to her fiance in the clipposted on @sharanyaturadi_official. The new anchor-turned-host also posted an Instagram story with the words ‘Why Chitra’, expressing her shock at the tragedy.

While details surrounding her death are still trickling in, several news reports claim that her fiance Hemanth was with Chitra at the hotel in Chennai where the actress was found dead earlier today.

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He was quoted as saying that she had gone in for a bath but didn’t come out for a long time. Her lack of response prompted him to call the hotel staff who opened the door with a duplicate key.

Tamil actress Chitra
Tamil actress Chitra Image Credit:

Her death is currently under investigation by the police.

Chitra had starred in the popular film, ‘Pandian Stories’.