Fawad Khan
Image Credit: Insta/ fawadkhan81

And the wait is finally over! Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan made a grand splash on the screen in an episode of 'Ms. Marvel' show. It’s been six years since we saw Khan in action. And the best part is that, Khan’s appearance is more prominent in the fifth episode as opposed to the blink-and-miss appearance in the previous episode.

Kamala, the lead character in the show is is a Pakistani-American teen who gains superpowers from a bracelet that her grandmother gave her.

In episode 5 of Ms Marvel, Khan was introduced as Hasan, a freedom fighter in the British Raj who falls in love with Aisha (played by Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat). Hasan and Aisha are Kamala's great-grandparents. 

Khan has been one of the top trends on Twitter since the Ms Marvel episode aired and is getting great reviews.

Along with Fawad Khan, the MCU's series also casts Indian actor Farhan Akhtar in a prominent role, and it is the second time an Indian celebrity is a part of a Marvel film after actor Irrfan Khan in 'The Amazing Spider-Man" in 2012.

Farhan plays Waleed, the leader of the ancient order known as the Red Daggers. Waleed, who acts as a mentor to Kamala Khan when she lands in Karachi to meet her maternal grandmother, helps answer and uncover the mystery behind her superpowers and her true identity.

Sharing his experience with fellow debutant Vellani, Akhtar said: "She is an absolutely wonderful person and that's the most important thing. Her energy is infectious and is the driving force when it comes to the cast of Ms. Marvel."

"They'd been shooting for a long time before I met them in Thailand where we did all our work together and to see how natural her ability is and how committed she is to do the part she was playing, it just felt like it was day one for her too. She was as excited as she probably would have been on day one. She is someone to look out for, she is incredibly gifted and incredibly talented."

'Ms. Marvel' is an action series about a young teenage girl and is the first-ever Asian superhero character from the Hollywood production house, Marvel. Disney+ Hotstar streams new episodes of the series once a week, every Wednesday.