South Korean singer Hoshi
South Korean singer Hoshi Image Credit: Instagram/Hoshi

K-Pop sensation SEVENTEEN’s performance unit leader Hoshi surprised fans by dropping an unreleased solo track ‘Tiger’ on International Tiger Day.

Hoshi unveiled the song through SEVENTEEN’s YouTube channel. The track features the Korean-American rapper Tiger J.K. and was co-composed by SEVENTEEN’s main producer and Vocal Unit leader Woozi.

Hoshi, Woozi and Tiger J.K. together penned the lyrics.

The choreography for the special track will also be released through Studio Choom, a YouTube channel that specialises in K-pop artists’ dance videos.

Hoshi is widely known in the K-pop scene for being an avid fan of tigers and everything inspired by the animal.

His stage name ‘Hoshi’ is derived from the Korean term for ‘tiger’s gaze’.

He previously released a solo track titled ‘Tiger Power’ in 2021, and introduces himself with the catchphrase ‘horanghae’, which combines the Korean terms for ‘tiger’ (horangi) and ‘I love you’ (saranghae).